Easter pics!

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Easter pics!

Please share YOUR Easter pics.

We stayed home this Easter and my parents came to us. We had amazing weather (75 and sunny!) and had a quiet weekend at home. We skipped church on Sunday morning (we go regularly, but I hate how crowded it is on Easter....and I hate trying to keep 4 kids focused after ingesting large quantities of candy.....so we skip it!)

We spent the morning at a park just playing. My parents had to leave mid-day to drive home-- so we dressed up in our Easter best and went out to a nice dinner with just our immediate family. It was so much fun! The kids loved getting dressed up. We took them to a Brazilian steakhouse where they come around and serve you a variety or meats at the table.....so yummy! The kids were even adventurous and tried new things like wild antelope and wild Japanese hog (and dh tried the chicken hearts.....icky!)

Here are pics of our kidlets.

Goofy kids! I'm excited that next year there will be another little boy in this shot-- Miles needs a partner in crime.

Daddy and Lexi

Our 6 year old, Callie.

Our oldest, Taya, and her littlest sister

The whole fam after dinner

And a bonus for ya'll! 30 weeks preggo. I'm embracing my hugeness. Smile

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SUPER cute pics of everyone in their Easter finery! Smile Sounds like a fabulous day... (I LOVE the Brazilian grills too!).

You look as fresh as a daisy in your pretty pink dress with that beautiful bump... keep up the good work! Wink

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Great pics!! You look awesome!!! Our Easter was pretty low key. It wasn't do pretty out here though.

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I love picture threads :).. Audra you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

We had Easter at the park with family!!

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i love all the pics, all the kiddos are so cute!! I haven't downloaded our Easter pics yet, I wasn't able to get one of all 3 sigh Sad

Audra, you look great!