Easter (xp)

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Easter (xp)

What will your lo's be getting in their Easter baskets this year?!?

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It's going to be tough this year since it is the week after the girls birthday. But I did knit them bunny puppets! They came out cute! Probably some coloring books, maybe one of those ice pack things that look like an animal. Not sure what else.

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I have no idea, last year they received way too much, so this year it will be cut back. I want them to remember the true meaning of Easter, but I'm sure we will give them something little.

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I have a few bookes, a little stuffed animal, and probably some snacks - easy!

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Our Easter baskets have always been about chocolate, chocolate chocolate!! Last year Grady got a couple of other things, as he wasn't ready for chocolate yet.. but this year I think we'll probably stick with the tried-and-true. Wink I've already bought about 2 pounds of nice German chocolate eggs and bunnies! He has ridiculous amounts of stuffed animals, so if I add a little toy, it will likely be a realistic animal figurine or two from the toy shop.. he LOVES animals these days.. especially zebras, camels and hippos!

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To be honest, I haven't really thought about this yet. There will be some chocolate. I was thinking of getting some swim stuff too. Swimsuits, sunscreen, sunglasses, cheap-O pool toys. It's stuff I usually buy anyway for the summer. So, I can combine the two!