Em in hospital :(

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Em in hospital :(

I know some have seen on FB, and I thank u for all ur thoughts. Typing this from my phone so pardon the abbreviations.

Took Em to pedi yesterday morn bc her reflux was still a mess and she had stopped eating. Also has green goop in eyes n pouring out of nose. Pedi didn't like that she was having blue episodes n times of stopped breathing during reflux episodes and said we were past their care. Sent us to be admitted to children's hospital almost two hrs away for full work up and apnea monitoring. Spent 9 hrs in er before brought upstairs to be admitted. She was a mess in er and we were informed we would be here till at least Monday night bc not all tests could be done on wknd.

So far she has had tons of monitoring...leads all over her.....poo testing for blood (she's had diarrhea for over a month) and basic blood work. I was told by half the docs to switch her to hypoallergenic formula, other half to eliminate dairy n soy and continue pumping so all feeds can b thickened w cereal. I choose to keep going w bfing. It's going so well I don't want to give up. Unfortunately the 400+oz I have frozen already will likely be of mo use to us if its a milk protein allergy in addition to the severe reflux.

Other then that we don't know much. The hospital is great, but not restful at all. Em slept great last night however we didn't bc of the preemie we r sharing a room w. He has no family here n cries constantly so I was up all night w him trying to get nurses in to comfort him. I personally cannot imagine not being w my child, but I think he may have been taken from her over drugs. He is on morphine which is the only time he sleeps.a.little.

Will update u guys or Suzie when we know more. Love u ladies for the support I k.ow u will offer. Any knowledge on cutting out milk protein feel free to offer advice!!

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Anne, I'm so sorry tiny miss Emily is in the hospital!!! Sad :( Sad

Sounds like she is getting the best of care though, and all the right tests, so that you will be able to figure out exactly what the problem is and how to fix it.

Thinking of you... big hugs mama...

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:bighug: :bighug: :bighug:

So sorry your sweet baby is in the hospital. It must be so scary and draining on you guys (and the little baby next to you - how sad). Please keep us posted. I know Monday seems too long to wait but I hope you have some more answers soon. T&P's with you~

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Such a worrisome time Anne! I'm glad they are keeping a watchful eye on everything. My thoughts are with you. Hope Monday comes quickly! Here Monday is Thanksgiving and I'll be thinking especially hard about your family.

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I'm so sorry Em is so sick, Anne. I know you guys must be exhausted and very worried. My thoughts are with you.

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So sorry to hear this, Anne - I've been following everything on FB and it just breaks my heart. Praying for answers and a quick recovery. Wish I were closer so I could give you a big hug!

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I am so sorry that poor Em is in the hospital! Hope that you get some answers and get to go home soon!

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UPDATE on EM.....
I got a text from Annie....

Doc came in and said her stomach was emptying at a slow rate and they want to do another test to measure how slow and to make sure its not a problem with the opening of the bowel or if it could be fixed with meds. So here at the hospital till Wed now as the test can not be done till Tuesday and she wants to keep monitoring Emily..

Please keep baby Emily in your prayers girls!!!!

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Praying for that sweet baby girl!!!!

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I'm sorry!! Praying she feels better! My friend son had to have surgery to open his bowel and he was night and day better afterwards! Hope that's not it but it is a very successful procedure.

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Oh poor Em! And poor mommy! I hope they figure out what is troubling her-- I cannot even imagine. KUP! We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.....


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Annie, I am so sorry to hear about Emily. I hope this next text reveals the problem and it's an easy fix. I'll keep y'all in my Ts and Ps.

p.s. WOW! That story about the other sick baby is heartbreaking.

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DS had surgery for pyloric stenosis when he was 6 weeks old. He was below his birth weight. I barely survived but he was fine. Doctors like these procedures that are almost mechanical rather than involving infections. DS smiled for the first time when he woke up!
Best wishes little one and anxious Mommy too!!!

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OMG, I haven't been on the here in a few days and didn't see it on Facebook either. Poor Emily. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. HUGS honey.

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Sorry that little Em is in the hospital. I hope they figure out what the problem is and can fix it quickly.

That is so sad about the other baby. When my niece was in the NICU there was a major preemie baby in there who's parents were never there.(My sis is a nurse at that hospital, and was privy to some of the NICU nurses' conversations). Just heartbreaking.

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If it is a milk protein issue, make sure you check ingredients in EVERYTHING if you are going to do a dairy free diet. It can also take a few weeks to get dairy out of your system. I had to do that for Brooke. Even "Non Dairy Creamer" has dairy in it... go figure! Good luck again.

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