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Little Miss Emily...

8lbs 1oz 20.25" long

Took alittle bit longer due to scar tissue - but she is HERE!!!

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I wonder if there's been a delay getting her c-section?? That would be just her luck, poor thing!

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Hi...this is Annie's sister Katie....since I saw this post I wanted to let you know everyone is doing great. I'll let Annie give you all the details. She is so cute!

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Sweet! And somebody has been knitting for her already too!

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OMG-- I want one. Beautiful!!!

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CUTIE PIE!!! Congrats Annie!!!

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Just beautiful! Congratulations, Anne!!!

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She is beautiful - so sweet!! Congrats Anne and family!

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Absolutely preciously cute!!! And she looks so much like Gracie!!

Congraulations Anne - yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats!!!! Miss Emily is so cute!!! Love the name!!! Smile

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Yay! Congrats! I am so glad she is finally here! Hope the recovery is quick!

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She is just beautiful! Welcome, Emily! So very happy for you, Anne! :cloud9:

Audra - love your I want one response.