Florida Trip

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Florida Trip

We made it! We took the kids to Florida last week for our annual family getaway. It was great.

Though Florida was "unseasonably cool"-- it was still in the low 80's and the Gulf was a warm 82. We had a great time. For us this is the perfect vacation-- to just sit on the beach and do nothing other than move ourselves from the beach, to the pool, to the beach, to inside our condo for a nap, to the beach Wink

We did sneak in a trip to the east coast of Florida to watch the shuttle launch-- which was neat to see.

And now for some pictures. That is what you really were hoping for, right?

Lexi loved being in the pool. Loved it.

Here's a cute video of her jumping in (she did this over and over and over....)

Taya & Callie jumping into the pool

The big kids by the pool

I spent so much time nursing. Anyone know how to wean a 2 yo? My other kids gave the boob up so easily and much sooner than 2 yrs (though I was always preggo....)

My big girls

Can you see their matching suits? This was pretty much what they did they entire week...

They spent so much time in the water-- we saw crabs, sea turtles, dolphins, fish, and had a whole school of sting rays swim by us. Such fun...

They spontaneously held hands-- I had to document the moment

We always feed the birds just once-- they kids love it

I love that 2 yo belly!

The kids were champs for the airplane ride (about 4 hours)-- and getting through security and whatnot...though it was exhausting to lug 2 carseats, 2 boosters, 3 suitcases and a stroller through the airport....oy! And now we are working on getting them back on Colorado time, since FL is 2 hours ahead of us....so our kids have been getting up at 530a, Yawn!

School is out for the summer on Thursday, so we are prepping for a summer-o-fun. I can't wait for it to actually get warm here and stay warm.....

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Awwwwwwwww! I love that last picture of Lexi too. You can't get much cuter than that!

Your vacay sounds heavenily. I love going to the beach and chillaxin' with the kids.

TFS Audra! I always love seeing pics of your beautiful family and your adventures.

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Lovely photos...of your lovely family!

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Sounds like the perfect vacation! Your family is so beautiful! TFS!

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Those are awesome pics Audra!! Lexi is a doll in her bikini! Where in Flordia did you go?

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Great pics, thanks for sharing! Looks like you all had a BLAST!

And a tip on how to get Lexi to stop nursing... get pregnant again!!! LOL!!!

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I envy you taking all those kids and making it look so effortless! It looks like you all had a blast! I want to do a little family vaca before this baby comes...perhaps FL is a good idea!

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great pics!!!!! Glad you had a great time!!!

I must say you are one smokin hot mama!!!