Food Allergies or something else?

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Food Allergies or something else?

Jeepers, I feel like I move from one mini crisis to the next! Still dealing with my son's weird sleep issues, but DD has been suffering from off and on loose stools and uber irritated crotch/pain for quite some time now. I know food allergies/intolerances can cause loose stool, but do you think they could also cause her to have a really red, irritated, sore genitals as well?

Some times she's screaming at the top of her lungs when we change her pull up 'cause it hurts so bad. I feel just horrible! We've already had her at the ped and he just told us that she hadn't been molested and just to put diaper cream on her w/ every change. Thanks, but that's not helping the problem! The poor little thing is miserable. I think back to the times that I've had soreness down there after having babies, w/ yeast infections, and chaffing with long periods and it's miserable. I can't imagine my 2 yr old having to go through that quite often and not understanding why everything hurts so much down there.

My top suspicions are food allergies/intolerances or some chemical in the Pamper Pull Up. This will certainly be impetus to potty train her, but then I'll have to be uber careful about the detergent i use as well. I'm also planning to bring her back to ped to discuss the possibility of food intolerances/allergies and how to go about that. It's going to be hard because she hardly eats anything to begin with. I can say with some certainty that she has really bad reactions to grapes/raisins, corn/popcorn, and yogurt. Though she doesn't seem to necessarily to react to milk. ??

Have any of you ever had issues with this and what did you figure out?

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Poor little thing.. and poor mom - you're having a rough go of it the last little while! ((hugs))

Grady gets diaper rashes really easily when he has too many oranges. If he has more than a single orange (or 1/2 cup of orange juice), then when he does his next poo, he'll have a diaper rash within 10 minutes. It's like rocket fuel on his skin, he reacts so badly and so fast. Oh, and did i mention that he LOVES oranges??? Of course! :rolleyes:

So I really limit his exposure to them. I've noticed a similar reaction, though not as severe, with pineapple and corn. And I do think diapers can exacerbate the problem - when we went on our trip to brazil, I brought along a pack of Huggies Little Movers, which he hasn't worn in the past year. With having lots of oranges and pineapple on vacation, and wearing those dipes, we found we were CONSTANTLY battling a diaper rash for 2 weeks.

So I'd say lose the pullups (try a diaper off/undie training period every day), and maybe keep her on a pretty bland and strict diet for a couple of days until you're gotten rid of the rash. Then reintroduce things and watch for a reaction.

Oh and when Grady has a rash, I always put him in the bath to wash him for diaper changes. I don't touch at all, if I don't have to. Just put her in a couple of inches of warm water with some mild soap and let her play around for a few minutes.. no wiping necessary. Might be a little gross to clean out the bath, but it's worth it IMO.

PS With my 3 kids, I've noticed that whatever seems to cause them a rash/reaction, seems to come out the other end in pieces or whole.. it's like their body can't digest whatever it is properly. That's how Grady is with corn and oranges, and how my DD was with tomatoes (which caused her a huge skin rash). Does Anneliese have any chunky poos (sorry, gross!)?. lol

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Thanks for reply! Yes, she does have chunky/runny poos. The bits of food she doesn't tolerate well, e.g. raisins, come out whole and all else is runny. And when her stools are runny, they smell like horrible, sour vomit. I'm thinking I read somewhere on the internet that you can get vomit smelling poos from dairy intolerance? Then again, I'm wondering about yeast too as both yogurt and grapes have a lot of yeast in/on them.

I've tried to get her to run around nude to let stuff dry out, but it hurts so much for her to sit that she cries and begs to get a pull up back on. Maybe I can get some of those soft, cotton padded underwear for her. They'd protect her bottom/crotch from the floor and probably breath better than pull ups in this heat & humidity!!

As soon as I get back from my business trip, I'm making another appt w/ the ped for her.

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So sorry. Sad Hang in there mama! We have alot of experience with food allergies and many differant sensitivities. I know for sure that Pampers cause extreme reactions in some kids; Violet cannot wear them at all. You may also look up candida overgrowth, if she's been on antibiotics or has yeast infections often as well as food sensitivities to foods with sugar or dairy or even fruits it could be that. Hope this helps and your little one gets all better soon. And ditto for Pamper's wipes too, they're pretty strong smelling as well. HTH!! KUP!!

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Poor honey. Diaper rashes are so painful. Addison would get blisters that would bleed and puss. She actually has one now that is all scabbed over. SO PAINFUL.

As far as food allergies/sensitivities, this is where ALL of the girls sensitivies showed up... except eggs, that was a belly ache and they were miserable. But their was a long list of things they couldn't eat... tomatoes or anything with tomatoes in it, apples, pineapple, oranges, berries, kiwi, etc... anything with lots of acid.

I hope she is feeling better.