Food for thought (QOTD?)

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Food for thought (QOTD?)

(Hope I'm not considered taking over)

So yesterday, the QOTD was When you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?"

So it got me thinking, if you got to start now, what would you want to do with your life? Is it anything close to what you are doing now?

I have to say that I like the idea of what I am doing, but in reality, I really dislike it. I’m sitting at a desk all day.

I think that if I had the choice now that I’d get into renewable energy. There’s so many aspects to it that I would like to get into, but mostly I think it would be the education side: renovating houses to make them more energy efficient, building off grid structures, building on grid houses so that they are more energy efficient (so easy with window placement and what you make floors out of, so why don’t we do it?). I might even get into the side of legislation, or actively promoting decreased energy and material waste.

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If I could start right now, I would go to Nursing school. I really dislike sitting behind a computer all day, looking at sales numbers. It's not fun and I don't feel like I make an impact. Eventually, I'll go thru the nursing program...might take a few years but I will!

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If I had to start much as I love my kids I wish I would have gone to school first and then had kids. I had DS1 when I was 19(few weeks before my 20th bday). I am in school and doing something in the medical field..which i think I would have stayed in.

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I am doing what I love...however if I had the money I would start a different kind of high school where it's for students who need to learn a trade rather then go off to college. I would like to teach real life skills (checking accounts, paying bills, housekeeping, cooking etc... in addition to the trade skills of their choice. I see too many of my sped students drop out over academics and the tech-schools around here have all turned into the really hard to get into schools and they choose their students not based on what their program was originally designed to do. Makes me sad Sad

If there was a school around here like a boot camp like school I would also like to try working there sometime. It's those kind of kids who I always seem to like the most!

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I really like what I'm doing now and feel as if I'm maknig difference, but if money were no issue, I'd study archaeology and go off and dig up old stuff.

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I went to school for Computer Science, which gets you a job as a Software Engineer. Then my masters is in both Electrical and Computer Engineering. People think that being an engineer is "cool". SO NOT COOL!!!! IT SUCKS!!!!! I used to HATE my job. I don't mind it now. I changed from writing code to being a quality engineer.

But if I had to do it over, I think I would go for photography. Or defineltly something creative. I used to want to be a Landscape Architect, but then I developed allergies to everything green... so that wouldn't have worked.

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I have such a hard time answering that question.. I see the value of everything I did and loved what I studied (BA in Geography, then a Bach of Education), and feel like I wouldn't be the same person having not done them... but I also have so many other interests that I would have liked to/would like to pursue. Chief among them - writing a fiction novel (still on the agenda for the next couple of years.. note to self, find Grady a preschool program ASAP!), and the other one that I know I'll never do but that I think I would have been great at, is being a chef. I LOVE to cook.. in the creative sense, not following a recipe to the letter.. but I also realize that the real world of working in/owning a restaurant is nowhere near as artistic, creative and satisfying as I think it would be in my dream world. Wink

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I am a slave to my student loans so I think I'll always be a lawyer (as much as I hate it). But, if money were no object, I think I'd like to be a baker. Or, I'd like to just stay home with my kids.

Sarah - my dh is LEED certified and he has and would like to get back to it, advise people how to make their homes more environmentally friendly. Sounds like you and he would be fast friends.