Freaking out a little (OT, sort of)

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Freaking out a little (OT, sort of)

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Work has been CRAZY, and that is where I usually get time to get on here. Bad, I know!

I just agreeded to go to the UK for a week for work (they wanted me for 2, but I said no to that). I am excited but now that it is getting closer to actually happening (they are working on what programs to charge the flight/hotel/etc... to) I am starting to FREAK out. Not about the travel part so much, but leaving the girls for that long. The longest I have ever been away was 2 nights, but it was only a whole day of not seeing them. I know some of you travel for work or vacations, how do I get thru this?

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While visiting Sarahsunshine when the new baby arrived, I spent 3 days (2 nights) alone with Ivy and the dog. Sarah was quite busy with the family and was only able to phone us on the last day before driving back, but I guess she was concerned about the possibility of Ivy having tantrums etc. Quite the contrary! We had just a wonderful time together! Everything was perfect. Of course she was 1 on 1 with me with undivided attention. Anyway your problem is YOUR outlook. I'm sure the girls will be just FINE! I'd be cautious about phoning them though because that might actually make them miss you when the thought hadn't occurred to them at all. Concentrate on having a blast!

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Big hugs, Tara! It wasn't for work but last September I went to Boston for a week and I was so sad to leave Ev. Although I missed him tons, the week went by super quick. My inlaws came out to help with Ev and he had a great time so that made feel a lot better.

Try to enjoy the experience and know the girls will be super excited to see you when you get back home!

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So exciting!

I've always been on the road, so when I go internationally, it is just for a longer period of time. Truly, I think it is totally fine and in some ways GOOD for kids to experience you being away a bit. I think it gives them a chance to bond with other caregivers (when Trey and I went to Thailand, our kids spent the week with my parents. It wasn't easy, but they did great and really enhanced their relationship with their grandparents, kwim?)

I agree though, telephone calls make it harder to be least for us. You'll do great! Enjoy the experience and soak it up. This will be a good experience for you.

It also allows dh to see all of the things you do when you are home-- so it ups his appreciation of all you do, at least IME. Smile

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Hugs! Maybe buy some webcams so you can skype with the girls? I know that always helps us! But I am leaving the kids too for a weekend with DH and I am scared something will happen to me because I am going to be by myself! And like Audra said I want my DH to feel what its like to be a stay at home dad! I know once I get home(going to my cousins wedding in wisconsin) I will enjoy my little break! and I am sure you will enjoy your time away! and time will go fast!! Enjoy your trip and I can't wait to see pictures!!

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Mason has gone to stay with his grandparents for a few days at a time, and he really enjoys it. It was especially hard the first couple times, and it is hard for me because he is glad to leave me to go with them, but upset to leave them and come home with me at the end of his trip! I haven't been completely kid free because I have had Shaylynn and I am not ready to let her go stay or to leave her yet. But someday when she is a little older, I look forward to having a little kid free vacation hopefully! I know you will miss them, but try to enjoy your trip and have a good time!

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While I was in the hospital I was away from my kids for a week. The longest ever.
Going to another country would be so hard. This sounds like a great traveling opportunity though. I have no advice but big hugs!! I hope you can maybe ebony yourself a little. Once you get there, I bet you miss them, but I bet work will distract you enough.

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Thanks ladies! You have really helped to calm me down. I knew I could count on you!

I'm not so worried about how the girls will do, but how I will do! LOL! I will also be traveling alone, so the evenings will be lonely and is probably when I will miss them the most. But I should look at the positives... I can go to the bathroom without someone barging in on me! LOL