G will be a big sister to a little...........

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G will be a big sister to a little...........

BABY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH I'm so excited!! I really wanted her to have a sister...I know I love mine!

She was nuzzled so deep in my pelvis they couldn't get her measurements so they had to put me upside down on the bed (Feet above head) to do it for AN HOUR! But it was all worth it Smile She is as healthly as can be and measuring pretty much right on track Smile :)

Love you girls!

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AHHHH I'm so happy and excited for you girl!!!!!!! G is going to love having a little sissy Wink

So any names picked out?!

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Yahoo! I adore having girls. Congrats to you, Anne!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been stalking you on facebook. Thank God you posted here!!!! Congrats on another baby girl!!!!

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Awww... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for you and two sweet little girlies!! Congratulations mama!! Gracie is going to be so excited to meet her little 'sis!! Smile

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Congratulations! I had a feeling you were going to have another girl!

Can't wait to hear what name you pick out!

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Yay!!!!!!!! Congrats!! I think it would be so fun to have two of the same gender close in age!

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Congratulations! How exciting to have another girl Smile

I'm another one who loves my sister, we are just shy of 3 years apart.

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That is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! I think mom's of kids close in age WANT the same sex?!?!? I know I did! I love my sisters so much and they will be so close!

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I was WROOOOONG...lol This is the first time I am super thrilled to have been wrong.. YAY

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Tears welled up! So happy for you, Anne! Yahoo Let's talk names! Have any in mind?

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So exciting, I just knew it was a girl. Gracie will LOVE having a baby sister (I know I love mine!). Congrats again!

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I'm so happy for you Anne!

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Thanks girls!!! We are so thrilled!! I really really wanted G to have a sister and now I feel like if after this one comes I feel like I'm done, I won't have to worry about her not having the sister I wanted for her Smile

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Congrats on your second little bundle of sugar and spice and all things nice. I am so happy for your Annie. I have two sisters and I loved having sisters and growing up in a family of all girls.