Glad this day is over!

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Glad this day is over!

Some days being a parent is rough.
Started at 4:30 with sick baby and fever. Gave meds....she was up for another hour....and so was I.
Then we get up and she's not feeling great, but wants apple juice. So she drinks 2 sippy cups of juice and proceeds to puke all over the carpet.:puke2: Then she starts shivering with her fever. We gave her more meds and head to urgent care. (Granted she was in to the doc on Monday for fever and diagnosed with hand, foot, mouth and the nurse I called last night reassured us..."fever is good".) They check her over, but don't seem overly concerned by her temp....well yeah...she had meds which brought it down to 100. Doc thinks she may be developing an ear infection, so gives antibio's. The stickiest, goopiest, grossest stuff I've ever seen. We grab lunch and give DD the meds. She took them but nearly gagged in the process. She perks up and plays, then falls asleep on my lap only to wake 30 minutes later and puke all over mommy.:puke2: She's 30 minutes for her next med dose so we pack her up and head back to urgent care to get a different antibio or figure out what is going on. Her temp at this appt? 103 on forehead and 104.9 orally! I saw this look of "holy ****":shock: in the nurses eyes since it was the same one as earlier.
Poor baby ended up with an antibio shot:bawl: and more meds and fell asleep on the way home. She's sleeping now, but I"m expecting her to wake up shortly cuz her next meds are due. I swear I spent all day at the doc office.

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I do hope things improve quickly! Poor sweetie...and poor Mommy too!
I hear there was sudden rain out your way too.

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Oh no! I feel so bad for you both! We have had the sickies for a couple weeks going around this house, but luckily no vomiting. When that happens I want to quit being a parent! Really hope y'all both got a good night's sleep and hope she is feeling much better today!

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Poor girl!!!!! Poor you!! It's so hard when they are that sick. Hope she gets better quick!!

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Yucker McDuckers.. that is one heck of a day!! I hope the medecine kicks in and does its trick tonight!

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Oh no, that sounds like a ROUGH day. I really hope that the shot of antibotics helped her out. How is she feeling today?

Kirstin, "Yuckers McDuckers". I like it!!! I may have to steal that one!

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Ugh! That sounds terrible.

Lexi has had a bug for 3 days now (I think we are on the other side of it today....) But Thursday night she woke up and puked, and then ran a low-grade fever all day Friday. Saturday her temp spiked to 103.8-- and I thought *that* was high--lol. On Motrin it went back down and she was in better spirits....but she still hung on to the fever part yesterday.

Here's hoping your sweet girl is on the mend quickly. Poor thing (and poor mama!)

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I *think* we've kicked it. *fingers crossed*
She slept yesterday from 1pm-7, then again from 11pm-10am. I checked her throughout the night and even when her meds wore off, she didnt get her fever back. Oh, please, please let this be the end. (She started fevering a week ago Sat, so I think we deserve a nice sickness free summer!) DH and I had our 9 year anniv last Thursday....well it came and went. Hopefully we can actually celebrate it this weekend.

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I'm so glad you are all on the mend! Happy belated anniversary!