Had my big U/S today! XP

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Had my big U/S today! XP

Wow! It was so cool! I've never had 3D/4D done and it was so incredibly neat. My DH said when he saw the hearts beating it choked him up a bit. Smile Everything looked great. They were perfect. Baby A's placenta is very close to my cervix so no DTD until it moves. We will check again in 4 weeks. Poor DH!! Here are some pics!


Evelyn Grace

That's a girl!

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Jeremiah Hudson - flexing his muscle. He was very shy during the 4D so he kept turning his head away.

Jeremiah's feet:

That's a boy

That's some of them. It was really cool and we were blessed with a very very nice tech. That always makes the experience so much better!! Thanks for looking!!

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Love the pics! Congratulations on such an exciting time for your family! Thanks for sharing.

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Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Love the pics!! That one of the face shot is AMAZING with a capital A!! I never had a 3d or 4d with any of my ultrasounds - absolutely incredible to actually get to see faces like that!!

PS I'm glad to finally find out your name is Kristina... I always wondered and didn't know what to call you! Wink

Thanks for sharing - you're doing a great job growing that couple of beauties in there! Smile

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They are both absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!! I only ever got 1 3D/4D and I was late, so there wasn't much room to see them. Brooke was the only one we got to see, Addison didn't have enough fluid at the time. But it was so cool to see the little bit we did get to see. Congratulations again. I am just SOOOOO happy for you!

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That is so so awesome! Wow-- incredible pictures and I'm so glad that both babies are doing really really well. Hooray!

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I LOVE THEM!!! The pics are so cool and I'm glad both babies are doing great!! I love the names Smile

I 2nd Kirsten, I didn't know your name either!!! LOL

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Thanks everyone! We are excited!

Yep, that's my name. Didn't know I never told anyone that.

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So cute! I'm so jealous. I have to wait until 20 weeks to find out!
I love the names!