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Hair Color

Kay was born with black hair and it's gradually become lighter, so now it's a light-medium brown. But the one thing I was hoping she didn't get...was my leg hair color, poor thing. I have black hair, and well little missy has black hair on her legs ALREADY and it's totally noticeable. Is it bad to wax a 2 year old....KIDDING! I had to start shaving when I was 12 because it was so dark and embarrassing. I was so so hoping she'd get lighter hair.

Anyone else already have noticeable hair growth on their little legs?!

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Bummer-- my kids are all so fair....but, like you, I'm hoping my girls aren't as fuzzy as me. I have total peach fuzz everywhere and I hate isn't dark, but still. Ugh.

I do joke about waxing Taya's brows, though--lol (FTR, not with her, with my dh when she is asleep or not with us....I would never ever even mention it to her...) Poor thing has the beginnings of a unibrow Wink

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LOL, you two are funny!!! Luckily they both have light leg hair and no unibrow... yet! I have very pale skin and DARK leg hair. Right after I shave it still looks like I have stubble because you can see the dark hair folicles under my skin. I HATE it. My mother is half Native American and has always had next to no body hair. So not something she passed on to any of her kids. Maybe it will be passed on to her grandkids instead!

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Well, since M is a boy it's not so bad but my dh is a gorilla so I've always wondered what would happen with hair with our children. M and M2 could possibly have unibrows by 4yrs old. :bigwink: