Halloween Pictures

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Halloween Pictures

Post pics of your LOs all dressed up!

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Here is a pic right before we went trick or treating. I'll have to post another one that shoes their "hobo sticks" with the bandanas, but I thought this was cute anyway!

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OMG Tara, they look adorable!!!

I don't have any great pictures of my kids, I couldn't find my camera, so I had to use my cell phone. Jake was Superman, Drew was Captain America and Makayla was a Pink Lady. I don't have any great pics of Makayla either bc she was with her Dad Sad Jake HATED his costume, screamed bloody murder when I put it on and ended up stripping naked at the church festival!

Here's a pic of me and the boys at the festival

Here's Jake after stripping....he's the Huggies baby now! lol

And here is Makayla

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Tara - they are too cute! Who is everyone that they are with?

Rachel - great pictures! Kind of funny about Jake stripping down! Mine are on my cell as well. Should try to upload them to share...

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Yahoo Thanks for the kiddo photos!
Nana Marie

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They all look so cute! LOL on the diaper running Rachel! Why do kids LOVE to be naked? The girls strip down any chance they get.

Julie, the two kids in the black suites are supposed to be "Secret Agents" and are the 10 and 8 yo of our close friends. We went trick or treating in their neighborhood. The other two girls are friends and neighbors of theirs. The one holding Brooke came with them to our Labor Day party and her and Brooke really bonded! It was SOOOO cute, Brooke is usually a huge Mama's girl and only wants me to hold her. But as soon as she sees Clarie she runs to her! They are all such sweet kids. I really hope the girls grow up to be as sweet at they all are.