Happpy 2nd Birthday Jake!

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Happpy 2nd Birthday Jake!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Jake! Happy Birthday little sweet boy!

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Jake!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo

Hope you have a great day!!!

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Happy birthday Jakers!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Jake!!!!

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Aw thanks Girls Smile We've had a low key day here at home. I made him breakfast and then started on his cake since every 2yr old should eat some cake on their bday! I let him try some of the icing and then that's all he wanted! He kept saying "in my mouth mama" and "I want cake" with his little lips puckered out Smile We are waiting for Daddy to get off work, hopefully its soon! I will post some pics of my big boy later, thanks again for the bday wishes Smile

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Happy birthday, jake!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he enjoys that cake!