Happy Birthday Lexi & Grady!

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Happy Birthday Lexi & Grady!

Hope you two sweet little duckings have a wonderful 2nd birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!

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Happy Birthday! Hope you get to enjoy some yummy treats today!

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Thanks, ladies! Smile Grady is currently passed out in the car, after our afternoon at the zoo. He LOVED it, as expected... highlights were a) the petting zoo (including lots of baby goats and friendly sheep) b) the wilding camels and c) making all sorts of toddler-friends. He is so outgoing, considering his age.. he marches up to other kids about his size and says his 'ola!' (hola) then points at the nearest animal and pulls them along for a look with him. He always remembers to say 'ciao' and wave bye bye... what a charmer. Wink

He still has 2 presents and 2 cards on the kitchen table to open.. each present was SO exciting this morning that he had to stop and play with it right away. He's in love with his leapfrog phonics fridge magnet set - he's in love with the abc song. Smile

So happy birthday to my tiny pumpkin, and happy birthday to Miss Lexi.. hope you're having a great time in Florida! Smile

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Happy Birthday, Lexi!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Grady!!!!!!
Kirsten - sounds like a fun day! What a cutie he is!

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Happy Birthday to both Grady and Lexi!!!!

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I hope you 2 babies (oo excuse me, toddlers!) had a wonderful bday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awww-- thanks, friends. I've been MIA bc we've been at the beach in Florida.

Happy birthday, Grady! It sounds like a day at the zoo was the perfect way to spend your day!

We had a great trip and Lexi had a fabulous birthday. We were very low key on her actual birthday, bc we had driven to the other coast of Florida to watch the shuttle launch. So we just had ice cream cake and sang her a song (no presents....)

But we celebrated once we returned home, yesterday.

Here are some pictures:

Low key party in Florida

And then yesterday at home. Her present was a rocking chair-- which was impossible to travel with, so she had to wait until we got home....

Daddy made her an Elmo cake. She loves Elmo.


So excited about her rocker....she won't let the other kids rock at all. She yells, "No! Mine!" Goofball

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Happy birthday!!!!!!

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OMG Lexi's cheese face is priceless!!

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That is a good cheese face! The girls have rocking chairs and they LOVE them. I did have to take them away because they insisted on standing on them and rocking them. One is in our bedroom and whenever they come in there they go right for it. Maybe I should give them a chance with them again.

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WOW! How did I not see this???:oops:

Sorry I am so late.

Happy Belated Birthday Lexi!

[COLOR=Lime]Happy Belated Birthday Grady!!

[/COLOR][COLOR=Lime][COLOR=Black]It sounds like both ducklings had great days!

Audra - Kaitlyn had an Elmo party too! I made the cake and DH decorated it. Great minds think alike, huh??