Happy Mother's Day Friends!!

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Happy Mother's Day Friends!!

So? Smile What did your little ones and bigger ones do to mark your special day??

I woke up to breakfast in bed, cooked by Mimi aged 7, with a little help from her daddy. Homemade pancakes with maple syrup and fresh blueberries, and a mug of nice strong coffee. Kieren went outside to pick 2 beautiful white roses that were just touched with pink for the tray, and later gave me a coupon book filled with SO MANY coupons... like '10 x 1 hour back massages', '7 trips to take out the trash', '4 babysitting Grady while you cook dinner'.. etc. He's gonna HATE it when I cash them! Lol

Grady had no clue what Mother's Day meant, so he just gave me a big hug and kiss when prompted to, and then demanded some of my pancakes, even though he'd already had his own in the kitchen. Wink

We spent the morning at the zoo, then I was taken out to a great pizza restaurant for lunch, and to cap in all off.. we stopped by a jewellery shop and I got to choose my own necklace. I got a beautiful delicate silver chain with little polished balls of lapis lazuli (one of the stones Chile is known for) at 3 inch intervals all around. I love it!

So that was it.. looking forward to hearing how you all celebrated!

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Um....I'll trade you! Wink
We celebrated DD's b-day since it will be tomorrow and with work and all there's not much time. So most of the day I cleaned house since company was coming.
I got a "breakfast" after I bought all the ingredients and made the muffins. To quote DH, "I have to cook what???"
He made the eggs and sausage. This is an upgrade as last year I didn't get so much as a Happy Mom's day. It's a work in progress, right? Wink

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Happy Mother's Day ladies!

We had Mason's b-day party yesterday, so it was a long day, plus we have had company and planning and cleaning for that. Today was a pretty lazy day. DH did cook breakfast, though I didn't get breakfast in bed...lol then I went to lay down and rest and he went outside...he did clean off the chairs and tables from last night, but then I had to get up to tend to the kids. When I went outside to see what he was doing I found him playing with his dune buggy! He did then come in and has helped with kids, and he went and picked up dinner. Currently he is being disgruntled because he is trying to get a laptop all set up with the new TV and it is not working right. So now I get a grumpy hubby! Yay Mother's Day!

Oh yeah, and my baby is crawling! Hubby has been help with her today, but tomorrow, when I'm by myself I'm going to be chasing her all over!

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I got an hour of DH's time and we went to buy 2 new sprinklers so I could water the garden. I bought an apple tree and 2 other plants. I paid for all of it myself.
This morning I made a huge pot of soup. That was dinner with leftovers for another day.
I got a message from DS who is on his way to work in Jamaica and a phone call from DD who is busy busy in Alberta.

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Ummm... I got up to 2 screaming kids at 6:20am. DH refused to get up because he only got home from his dad's farm auction at 1:40am. When I finally dragged DH out of bed, we realized there was no food in the house for breakfast. Then I went to may permaculture course where we worked like dogs all day hauling rocks and compost and soil and putting in 2 different gardens for a high scool and a local homeowner, and I tried to limit myself so I wouldn't be too sore. Then I got a phonecall from DH who was the most miserable I've ever heard him, because his ex-wife has convinced his son (DSS 13yo) that he shouldn't come over to our house anymore, and he was supposed to be at our house this week. This means we will be dealing with court and lawyers this week and next, not tomention the XW who is just nuts right now. Then I had to call around DH's firends to get someone to be a witness when he went to try to pick up DSS, which took a while, because DH was just not feeling up to it and hates to admit that he needed help, and didn't want to take them away from their families on Mother's day. Then I had to scrounge around and find something to make for dinner (DH still hadn't gone grocery shopping). Meanwhile, the front yard looks like RedNeck Central because DH bought a bunch of things at his dad's auction and they don't fit in the garage (2 trailers, a cistern, the crib his dad slept in (?!? what for?), a raccoon coat and a church pew. Umm... Really? What are we supposed to do with those? And who needs 2 trailers?

Anyway, sorry to vent, but I wuold put this as one of the lower days in thea past couple years.

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I was home yesterday most of the day alone with the kids still trying to recover. DH was working. The kids made me muffins and peanut and jelly toast and they were actually really good! lol When DH came home he had some cards for me and he took me to dinner. I'm also getting my hair done tomorrow at and he's paying for that. When we came home I showered and climbed in bed to read my book and relax.

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I want to see pictures of your necklace Kirstin!!! It sounds beautiful! I had a day at the spa last weekend with my mother and sisters for all of our Mother's Day gifts. My in-laws were here, but they left after they took me out for breakfast. Nothing special, just time with the 4 of us, which is all I really wanted anyway! The girls picked me lots of flowers (weeds) from the yard!

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Wait...it was Mother's Day? Bahaha.

Let's see...I got up at 5:30am because I couldn't sleep, Kaylin was up by 6:30, we snuggled and watched cartoons for a little bit while Wes continued to sleep (must be nice!). We ran some errands to pick up new baby stuff and groceries. Then we cooked dinner for our Mother's. I think he realized after a complete afternoon of myself not talking that he made a big mistake in not even getting a card (which is all I wanted and breakfast!)...so while I was in the shower, he helped Kaylin make a card for me. Thanks to pregnancy hormones and a husband who didn't "think"...my Mother's Day kind of sucked.

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Rebecca sounds like my typical Mother's Day too. DH and I decided at Christmas to not really get cards for eachother anymore. I told him that was fine with the exception of Mother's Day. DO you think he got me a card? NOPE! Luckily the girls made me stuff at daycare. On Friday evening he did get out papers for the girls to color on and make me cards. It was sweet, and I know he has a hard time having them make me something because he's never really alone with them. But what really sucked was that his parent's were over. So my "cards" are really drawings that his father did and a few scribbles of the girls. Later on Sunday they wanted to color the cards they made me and DH was like "Let me get you another piece of paper. You already gave those cards to Mommy." I let them color right over FIL's drawings because it was the GIRLS drawing/scribbles that I wanted, not my FILs. Ugh, men really don't understand sometimes.

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Is it me or does it feel like there was something evil in the air this Mother's Day??!! Wink

Come on hubbies.... PICK UP YOUR GAME A LITTLE!!! Too many wonderful mommies here with crappy Mother's Days!!

:angry5: :angry5: :angry5: :angry5: :angry5:

Whady'all say that we give them a dose of what they gave us on Father's Day??!! Wonder how that'd go over?? Wink