Having a hard time :(

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Having a hard time :(

..........with the fact that my baby is turning 2 on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! WTH, where did the time go? He's so big now, talking in full sentences, wanting to be big just like his older brother and sister. I don't have a baby anymore Sad Just wanted to cry for a few mins Sad

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:bluesad: Time goes by so fast! I hope he has a fun day Sunday! Can't wait to see pictures!

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Happy Birthday a couple of days early Jakers!

I am having the same problem Rachel! Why do they have to get big????

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I totally understand. I had a huge crying fit this morning as I was making the cake and food for the girls party tomorrow. I think if I thought that we may have more, but to know that this is the one and only 2nd birthday party I will plan is really sad. Ok, I'm crying again. HUGS!!!!

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I'm embarrassed to say that I've been overly emotional lately about what a big girl Kaylin is turning into. I'll go into her room at night and watch her sleep, makes my heart sad that she's growing up so fast!

So we can all hug and cry together Wink

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I still fool myself that Grady is a baby. i call him a baby, so he refers to himself the same way. He also has a real baby face, and still has so little hair that from a distance he looks bald (it's lght blonde so that helps!) so I can still pretend that he's little. Next month is fast creeping up though...

Hugs, friends! ((boo hoo))