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Health Issue

Totally TMI but I figured you could give me some good advice (as usual!).

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with IBS - aka they can't find the cause to my issue! - and have dealt many years with horrible constipation. I would be so 'full' (for lack of a better term) that I couldn't eat and always felt bloated. About 3 weeks ago and daily since then, I've been getting nasty stomach cramps several times a day and can't stay out of the bathroom. In 3 weeks, I've went from 125 to 114 - I don't want to loose weight, especially not this way. Once again, I am not hungry at all and when I do eat, I can only eat a few bites and then feel full to the point I feel sick!

Any ideas? Is it something I should see the doctor about? I keep hoping it'll just stop but never fails, every single day, here come the cramps and well you know the rest. I feel just gross.

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I would totally get in to see the dr, do you have a gastrol dr? 11lbs is alot to loose, much less in 3 weeks. Maybe the dr might have something they gave give you that will help? I'm sorry girl Sad Ummm but I would love to loose 11lbs, I am jealous there! lol

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Honestly-- that sounds like the way Trey describes his issues. He has Crohn's disease. It is a pain in the *** to diagnose and sucks as a disease. But he totally feels "full" and then has diarrhea pretty much every day two or three times.

Most days he doesn't eat anything but toast and tea until dinnertime because the bloating/pain is so bad during the day.....What he does it eat dinner and then deal with the bloating overnight while he sleeps.

I think you need to see a good gastroenterologist and share with them your condition-- it isn't normal. ((HUGS))

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I have 3 good friends with Crohn's. One travels with his job and it is very very difficult for him. The other is a mother of 2 who works full time and plays music with groups as well. She has become a fabulous cook because of this disease and controls it very well. Another friend also cooks well after disciovering that any slight deviation or sloppy reading of ingredients simply is not worth it. She is very strict about what she eats and even brings her own soup to our bookclub dinners.

Please have your problem looked after!!!

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I agree with the others. I would definately go see the doctor. My mom has IBS as well, she can't eat tomatoes, and if she has more than a teeny bite or 2 of any dairy, she "regrets it later" as she likes to put it. I suspect she's also a bit lactose intolerant, but she hasn't bothered to try soy milk, or taking some Lactaid.

I hope you can get some answers soon.

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Sounds like a gallbladder issue. My sis had this terribly and my mom's friend. My sisters was her gallbladder and my mom's friends was simply put, her nerves. She took her stress out on the potty! Is that possible for you? Are you stressed? I know your job and school must be doing something, so maybe think about it. She also would get migraines. Hope you figure it out! The digestion part sounds like gallbladder.....

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Rebecca, I don't want to scare you - and I'm sure it's NOT this.. but my step-dad had some similar symptoms and had a bowel obstruction (the feeling of being full, not being able to eat much or feeling sick, periods of diarrhea and constipation).

I REALLY want you to book an apt with your dr too and get a referral to whatever specialist is necessary to get a diagnosis. Losing that much weight in that short amount of time is serious - possibly just something like a virus or parasite too, but either way - something you have to figure out ASAP.

KUP posted and :bighug:

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Sorry to hear you are dealing with this, Mama! I hope you can get some answers from your doctor. Please keep us posted!

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See...I knew I could get great opinions from you! I am going to make an appointment next week with a Gastro doctor. Thanks girls!

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Good Luck!!!! Hope you find out what is wrong!!!

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KUP, Rebecca on your appt(s). Hope they can help get this taken care of for you. :bighug:

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How have you been feeling Rebecca? I hope at least a little better and that the doc is able to help you out quickly. HUGS

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did you ever make your appt?!

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No, I have to call insurance and find out if I need to get a referral from my regular doctor first. I plan on doing that today! Myabe they can gets this issue figured out, it's not fun.

Thanks for checking on me friends Smile