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I finally dumped pics from our camera-- and I had forgotten about this gem.

This was on the way to the waterpark for Callie's birthday. I turned around and saw this.

Love them to bits!

They held hands for a good 10 minutes or so. Adorable.

And Lexi always says goodnight to her siblings (she's the first to be ushered off to bed....) She turns, blows a kiss and say "Wuv you!" Melts me every time.

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I wuv the 'wuv you'.. could she be cuter?? Wink

Now hold onto that warm fuzzy for the next time you see Miles screaming cuz Lexi has a fistful of his hair... Smile

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SO cute!! I love seeing siblings love on each other Smile

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Awh!!!! So sweet!

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That is sweet!!! LOL Kirsten, that is SOOO true!!!

When did you turn Lexi forward facing? We still have the girls rear facing and I wonder when to turn them around. I think they may be more comfortable forward facing.

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SO cute!!!

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Awwww I LOVE IT.. They are so cute!!!