Hello again!!

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Hello again!!

I've been on hiatus FOR-EVER now! But I've still been lurking from time to time and am thrilled to see beautiful new siblings and how adorable everyone's LOs are!!

I'm am in total awe of those of you who have more than two LOs. DH and I can barely manage with two. Hehehe...

I can't believe how big our LOs already are and that they'll all soon be turning 2!! Hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to gettting back in the swing of things with y'all. Smile

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Hi Kirsten! We've missed you! :bighug:

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Yours sig pictures are adorable!! Welcome back Smile

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Great to hear from you again!! Smile Looking forward to catching up!

Love that pic of your 'firecracker'.. with her foot poised for flight! Too cute!! Wink

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Welcome back! I also LOVE your siggy pics! So cute!