HFMD *update*

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HFMD *update*

The gift that keeps on giving. Now both DH and I have it. It says to prevent it with good handwashing and not sharing cups/silverware. Well, yeah, but when your 3 year old is feeling miserable, curled up against you and sneezes in your face?
Ok TMI, I know Sad I have to call the OB tomorrow, but everything online sounds like it's no risk to a pregnancy...luckily.
Unfortunately, our anniversary is tomorrow too. I don't think we'll be following through on our dinner plans.

Hand, foot, mouth disease!:thumbsdown: What an awful icky bug to get!
DD came down with a fever on Sat, developed what we thought were bug bites on her feet yesterday and sores all around her mouth this morning. Took her to the doc.....HFMD. "Oh, it's a virus and usually will clear itself up in 1-2 weeks." She's been so itchy she hasn't slept more than 8 hours TOTAL this weekend. 2 MORE weeks??? I hope this is a mild case and clears up quickly, it's like torture to have itchy feet and no real meds to cure them with. Sad

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Oh NO!!!!!! How horrible, I can't imagine how itchy and miserable she is Sad I hope she heals soon girlie.

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Oh poor girl! I sure hope it doesn't last 2 weeks!

You can try putting her in a bath with some oatmeal and see if that can relieve her itchiness for a little while.

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Poor honey. I really hope she feels better soon. HUGS!

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I need to listen to DH more often. He suggested we use the mouthwash they gave us that numbs her mouth on her feet. We used the lidacane (sp?) mouth stuff and dabbed it on her feet. I was at my wits end, so I'm glad DH has more wits than me! She slept so well last night! Fever is really calming down too. Yeah! She's actually off the couch and playing today, though her little mouth looks like she got attacked by bees. Sad

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awww... poor little thing. That sounds just awful - I've never (thankfully) run into that one yet!

I really hope she's on the mend and is getting better every day now!