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HI :)

I posted this on Suz's thread (thanks again for updating btw!) but figured I'd just post a new one here so ppl saw it.

Hi girls! Thanks for all the support bedrest is doubtfully going to be bedrest w G around but I'm resting as much as possible and have her in daycare 3 days a wk not 2 now. I leaked a bunch more fluid this morning, enough to change my pants, but not a monster gush. I have an appt Thursday and will tell my doc then. Hopefully he will order a fluid chk bc I don't want to be dropping half a cup or so a day and not know what's left ifywim


So basically when I went in yesterday I was having contractions, but mostly showing an 'irritable uterus'. I told the nurse I had a few leakage incidents, and didn't think they were pee, but wasnt sure. She used the paper strip to test....yellow was neg for fluid, blue positive...well don't you know mine turned green Smile She said generally that means there was fluid residue still there from an earlier leak, but the membranes were not fully ruptured. After several hours I was allowed to go home, but put on bedrest as much a possible/pelvic rest etc. They told me to keep an eye on fluid leakage and to come back if a bigger gush should occur. I also found out that I cannot deliver at this hospital intentionally (only if I am deemed to dilated to transfer) until I am 37 wks because they do not have a nicu. The closest hospital that has one where I would have to be sent is more then an hour away...even more to stress about now! So I am trying to hold this baby in here for awhile, and think I will be able to, as long as my water holds.

Thanks for all the support girls, you are so wonderful to be able to have :):):):)

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While I'm glad that you are alright now, I am still worried about you! Keep your legs up and that baby in Smile Thinking of you, friend!

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Rest up, mama! I hope you are taking care of you. ((HUGS))

Oh and don't worry about leaking.....it isn't ideal, but it is "okay"-- so long as you don't put anything in there (physician hands included!) And drink plenty of fluids. Your amniotic fluid will keep regenerating itself, and your membranes can stop leaking.....fingers crossed for you!

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That's reassuring Audra!! And as much as I am sure I will want a chk later, it's prob better to avoid, esp since I'm a repeat c-sec and it won't really matter anyway!

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I've been thinking of you and checking here and FB to see how you were doing. Try to rest as much as possible. I can't even imagine how hard that will be with a 2 yo. I wish I was there to take G for you the other 2 days! How much fun the three girls would have together!

I actually lost a good bit of fluid and my mucus plug at 29 weeks when I went into pre-term labor. They stayed put until 37!!! Just trying to share an encouraging story with you! Keep us posted on how things are going.


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"RebeccaA'07" wrote:

While I'm glad that you are alright now, I am still worried about you! Keep your legs up and that baby in Smile Thinking of you, friend!

LOL! That was funny Rebecca! I can picture poor Anne in traction!

I'm glad you are home Annie! I hope Dh is waiting on you hand and foot!

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So glad you're home and I hope you have lots of Dora videos and the like to keep Miss G a tiny bit contained so you can rest a bit!

KUP on how you're doing... ((hugs))!

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Thinking of you, Anne. :bighug:

Let us know how your appt goes today!

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I hope you are getting some rest! I know how hard it is with a toddler, and my husband is going to be out of town for work next week! So I am really stressed about how I'm going to handle all the contractions I've been having when he's not here to help when I need to lay down rest.

Looking forward to an update from your appt!

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Hope your LO stays in there longer Anne. Just take it as easy as you can with another little one at home. Glad to hear how you're doing.