Holiday Gift Ideas...

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Holiday Gift Ideas...

I wanted to start a post with neat gift ideas - for birthdays of the holidays.. Post yours!! Smile

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Gift for DH...

I just found this idea, so I am now on the hunt to fill the months! I have been watching Groupon for some around town deals, that are out of the ordinary for us!!

The gift that last all year...

This basket holds 12 envelopes. Each labeled with a month of the year. And each envelope contains a pre-planned, (mostly) pre-paid date just for us. Some of the dates will take place at home, some are planned for the local area, and some will take us into town. All 12 dates are different. Several, actually nearly all of the dates are things we have never done before.

The plan is to open the envelope together at the beginning of the month, look at the calendar and decide on a date. So right from the beginning of the month, we'll have a fun date on the calendar to look forward to.


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That's a good idea! I would love to do something like that, as long as it's a family date, because with no family close by we would have a hard time doing that with jsut the two of us.

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Love that monthly gift idea. Did something similar with my grandparents a few yrs back. Each month that had something planned with one of their children and their families. Each family had 2 months from the year and planned a fun outing and we took off Nov and Dec since we get together for the holidays.

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Love the basket idea, Suzie!!

I start shopping early, and hit all of the sales until black friday. We have so many people to buy for on DH's side of the family. They don't like to draw names so we end up buying for around 20 people, not including ourselves. It's expensive!

Right now, I have all the kids (7) bought for and I need to start on the adults!

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I have some of my lists made-- usually I start shopping in July. I'm behind!!! Thanks for the reminder-- you have such cute gift ideas! Love it.

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That's too cute!!!

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