Holidays with Ivy - Part 2

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Holidays with Ivy - Part 2

We were recovering from a tummy bug, so took it easy and walked around the zoo. Ivy learned LOTS of animal names! I think she liked the white handed gibbon the most, though the pink flamingos were a hit too.

Ivy with her new friend, the gibbon.

Sarah's favorite, the red panda.

Nana's favorite (after reading The Tiger by John Vaillant) the Amur Tiger

The butterfly house was VERY appealing to her.

Home to Uncle Brian's where we ate and played before bed.

Daddy Ric played and sang songs with us.

Tomorrow we leave for Abraham Lake!

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I love Calgary! Enjoy.....looks like so much fun with family.

Reminds me that we haven't been to the zoo in a while. Must get there again soon.

Thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful pics!

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I love the Calgary Zoo!! Haven't been there since before Cooper was born. I keep saying I'm going to get back to Alberta for a visit, but.....


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I love all this pics gardenbug!! I can't believe how big Ivy and Leo have gotten, they are adorable!