Holidays with Ivy - Part 3

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Holidays with Ivy - Part 3

Abraham Lake! What a gorgeous spot! Here's our campsite. All seven slept comfortably in their camper!

Ivy helped carry firewood.

She enjoyed throwing pebbles in the water.

Indy enjoyed the water!

It snowed during the night...

Fun with pine cones.

A favorite meal...ravioli from a can!


After pancakes, putting rocks in her purse.

Mommy helped set up a tent for play.

A BIG 3 hour hike. Ivy was a champ!

A waterfall

Don't go too close Daddy!

Snack time...


Heading back.

Waiting for a meal after all that exercise!

Then more play!


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So beautiful! I love it.

We have booked a camping trip for Labor Day weekend and I cannot wait. I've missed camping so much this year while we re-did the Airstream.....must plan more fall camp dates!

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Looks like you all had a blast!!!! Love the scenery!! very pretty!!

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Looks like a lot of fun and some great pictures there.