Holy moly braxton hicks.......prego pic also

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Holy moly braxton hicks.......prego pic also

Does anyone have any better insight than google does on braxton hicks? I am having them allllllll the time--all day long. And now I can tell when I'm about to have one. Is this normal? They do not hurt and do not seem to be getting stronger or closer together, but I didn't think I should be able to tell when I was about to have one! It almost takes my breath away. I do not want to call the dr bc I just am really wondering at this point, I don't at all feel like it's preterm labor. Also, my 32 week apt is Monday morning and I'll ask her about them then.

In the mean time I thought I'd ask some of you girls.

Here is my bulging belly last week, I'm hoping these next 7 weeks don't kill me....literally--it's 100 degrees in GA!! Sam is just so precious at this age and I'm beginning to get sad that these are the last few months w/ just us. Makes me think we might have more than 2, but not for awhile!

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I have been having contractions consistently everyday since about 24 weeks! Most uncomfortable, some painful, and sometimes I have them 3 minutes apart! So I think it is ok to be having them, as long as they are not consistently closer than 8-10 minutes apart that don't slow down/stop with water/food/rest. My OB has not seemed too concerned about them. But it sure does get annoying and uncomfortable!

You look great! I have not taken any belly pictures this pregnancy Sad

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You look beautiful!!! Love that dress, too. Not sure about the braxton hicks. Keep us posted on what they say tomorrow.

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You look AWESOME!!!!

As for the contractions, I think this is normal. It's hard for me to really say since I had contractions from 29 weeks on, and real contracts not just the BH ones. So I'm not really sure what they feel like. But it sounds to be ok. But if you feel "off" I would call anyway. Better say then sorry. At least you have an apointment tomorrow. Let us know what they say.

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Beautiful Mama!!!!

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First of all, you look adorable!!

I had BH allllllll the time with Lily. Starting around 15 weeks. I literally had them everyday. Not painful but take your breath away and very tight belly. Doc said it's normal and we notice it more because we have done pregnancy before.

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You look great!!!

Gotta love the BH's--- just make sure you are hydrated. I always take red raspberry leaf supplements near the end of each pg. It won't help with the BH's, but it is great for post birth and getting your uterus back into shape. Wink

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Ditto on everything!

* you look SUPER cute! Smile

* drink lots of water - I got tons of BH if my water was even a bit low...

* go for 3 - you make wonderful babies! Wink