I didn't mean to be holding out...

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I didn't mean to be holding out...

Since it seems I was holding out on you (unintentionally ? I thought everyone knew) I thought I?d post a thread (rather than taking over the other thread).

I?m due around Aug 25.

As with the past pregnancies, we?re planning a home birth, and no ultrasounds (sorry to disappoint the ultrasound photo junkies).

I?m currently around 14 weeks (I think, I?m not keeping track really).

I?m exhausted most days and ready for bed around 8pm. But last Friday (is that a week already?) DH put Leo to sleep in his crib for the first time and he slept there all night! He?s been there ever since, which means that my sleep has been much better since then.

I?ve also had a general slow down of the digestive system which is VERY tough on the general outlook. It?s to the point where I cheer when I have a BM and send DH a text! Everyone else in the house got a stomach bug this week, I felt a little queasy for a couple days, but actually managed to poop once ? which made me wish I could get the runs like everyone else! OY! I hope 2nd trimester gets here soon enough and this whole thing goes away and I feel less exhausted. DH would appreciate that too!

Other than that, I feel normal. For that reason I think that it must be a girl. With Reed and Leo I felt a little nauseous, but with Ivy, just tired. If that?s true, it goes for consistency boy, girl, boy, girl! We?ll just have to see.

And no, I haven?t told work yet, and not even my best friend! I guess I should?.

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Congratulations, Sarah!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy and excited for you. You make beautiful babies!

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I was wondering when you mentioned parental leave for a year Smile Congratulations, and I hope you start feeling better soon!!

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Wow, CONGRATULATIONS mama!!! I didn't check back on the other thread so I'm so glad you reposted!! Wink

SO happy for you guys... Ivy is going to have so much fun being a big sister to two little ones!! HH9M and I hope the 'digestion' improves quickly! Wink

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