I finally got on my computer!!!

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I finally got on my computer!!!

WE are home! Have been home since 9/15, only spent 2 days in the hospital. The scheduled c-section was so much easier than the first, bc I didn't have to labor w/ this one. Judd is perfect, such a different baby than Sam. At first I thought something was wrong bc he didn't scream all the time!

I am doing good, the breastfeeding is going EXACTLY as it did last time. I only produce about 1-2 oz per feeding and he eats 3, so I had to supplement bc he lost over 10% of his weight. I am done now, and cried about it for a solid week, but there is nothing I can do. I am still pumping some, but am trying to wean off so I can be done. It's just too hard w/ a two year old and the fact that I'm not even able to EBF, its just not worth it to me.

He was 7 lb 15 oz and 20 inches long. Looks just like his big brother did! Sam is doing so great. Just now he kissed him w/o us saying anything. Here are some pictures.

Oh-and WHY did that spinal hurt so badly?! OMG, worst part ever!

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AAAAAAAAAAAW...So sweet together!:)

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Congratulations! You have 2 beautiful boys!

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They are adorable! Sam looks like he's a wonderful Big Brother!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! They are both so beautiful. And you look AWESOME!!!

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Congratulations, Jessi! Great pictures, you guys make a beautiful family!

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He is incredibly sweet...you make the best little boys! Love his name, Judd!!

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Congratulations again Jessi on your handsome new addition!! Smile

I love the pic of sam kissing Judd in the wagon - precious... Enjoy this time together as a family!

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Love the pics!!! What a great family you have!!! Don't feel ba about not being able to breast-feed. I was in the same boat as you!!

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They are adorable (just like their mama!) Enjoy this time with your wee man-- it goes so so quickly.

Congrats, again!

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Hey Jess! So nice to hear from you and see pictures of the men in your life. They are so handsome and precious. Be still my heart. It makes me miss Jackson as a baby. I see Judson making the O face. I remember that. So cute.