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Evelyn - 4lbs 14oz

Jeremiah- 5lbs 9oz

Got to hold them both this morning. It was so amazing!!!

My body just gave out. It wouldn't stop contracting, even on the magnesium. With the way Evelyn was laying it was dangerous to let my water break. So we headed back to csection. They are doing great though!! No breathing assistance needed. They are basically in the NICU for feeding and growing. That's it!

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Congrats!!!!!!! That is awesome they aren't having breathing issues!!!!! They are adorable!! Do you know when you will be able to take them home?

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Wonderful photos!!!
So sweet! :sleepygirl::sleepyboy:

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Welcome to the world, Evelyn and Jeremiah! Congratulations Kristina and family! I am so happy they are doing well. Get some rest before your real work begins! Smile

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Congrats! They are just beautiful!

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Oh Kristina, they are beautiful! I know they must feel tiny in your arms, but they really don't even look like premies. Welcome, Evelyn and Jeremiah. Congratulations to all of you! Hope you get a lot of rest until you can take those babies home Smile

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They are BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS!!!! I am so happy and excited for you all! How are Luke and Lily doing? 34 weeks is AWESOME to make it to! You are making me want more kids!

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Congrats Mama!!! They are beautiful, I 'm so glad to hear you are all doing well. I can't wait til they get to come home!!

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Wow, I'm away for a couple of weeks and look what I miss!!! Wink

CONGRATULATIONS on your two beautiful bundles, Kristina!! They're both just absolutely gorgeous!!! :bighug:

I hope they get out of the NICU really soon... I bet Luke and Lily are just dying to have those two little dollies home to play with! Smile

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Congratulations, Kristina!!! So happy for you! They are both so beautiful and doing so well! Hope they get to go home soon!

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Congrats they are beautiful Smile