It's finally august!!!!!!

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It's finally august!!!!!!

This year long deployment is over with and my solider will be in my arms soon!!!!!!!!!!I am trying to stay busy so these days will fly by!!!!!! man, i can't wait!!!!!!!!

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Wow! I bet you miss him so much! I'm very happy for you! Thank you guys for his service and sacrifice!

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I'm so excited for you Nicole!!! What day is he due home?

My BIL is shipping out in September, I feel so bad for my little sister. She's only 18 and I know she's going to be a mess Sad

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SO excited for you and your family, Nicole!! Yay Yay Yay for DH coming home!!! Smile

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Yahoo How many more days, Nicole?

{thank you to you and yours}

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YEAH!!!!! I bet you all can't wait to get him home! This is so exciting! Thank you SOOOOO much for all that you do for your country. It's an honor being your friend!

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awe..Thanks guys!!!!!!

For security reasons they don't want us posting dates and stuff but I do have a date..when I get a welcome home cermony time I will let you guys know!!!

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That is WONDERFUL news!!! So happy for you, and so grateful for your family's sacrifice!

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YAY Nichole! I am so happy for you and your kids. Daddy is comin' home! REUNITED AT LAST!

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How exciting for you guys and all the other families who have been without their loved ones for so long!!

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I didn't even think about that (security) but I can't wait to see reunion pictures!