Jakes 3rd bday pics...really late!!

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Jakes 3rd bday pics...really late!!

Better late than never right Wink

We had his party at a park, it was wonderful and cool.....and then it started POURING. So we packed up and a few of the 50 some odd people came back the the house to eat and open gifts. Here are a few pics Smile

Main table with food, we also had 2 more with dips and decorations.

Cake I made

Cupcakes, there were more cupcakes that I deocrated as lions and monkeys. Cant find them though Sad

Blowing out his candles!

And his favorite blanket his Tia had made for him!

oops and one more of my silly boy Wink

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What a pretty park! I really like the cake too. How cute!! Happy birthday, Jake!!! (late) Smile

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Love that cake! Zebra inside! You are so good with those things. Very pretty park. Too bad it started pouring but sounds like the day was perfect though! Happy Belated Birthday, Jake!!!

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Great job on the cake! Looks like he had a great time, even if it yall did get rained out of the park!

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Beautiful cake and cupcakes again, Rachel! I agree - you're super talented with that stuff! You need to find a way to make that your career instead of having to deal with the fools at your office! Lol

And by the way, I totally don't see any of the weight gain that you were talking about after the steroids etc - you're going to look H.O.T in your bikini at the beach! Wink Have a fantastic time in Hawaii!! Oh and take lots of pics of course... Wink

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Great job Rachel!!! He's so cute, I love the pic with Jake and the bug catcher on his head!

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you girls are too nice! I have a girl a work that is trying to get me to open up my own business. I think it would just be so hard with working full time as it is though. I wouldnt have any time for the kids and I won't do that.

Kirsten, girl you are a sweetheart. We got back yesterday and I wouldn't let DH take a pic of me on the beach in my bikini! LOL I have a few from the wasit up I think and the rest I was clothed! lol Believe it or not we didn't hang out much my the pool or beach, just one or two days for a hour or so. I will post some pics hopefully tonight if I get a chance. I've been wiped out with the time change!