Just when I thought it was smooth sailing for a while....

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Just when I thought it was smooth sailing for a while....

After taking provera and waiting two weeks, AF still hasn't shown up. So wacky since provera works 99% of the time! I spoke with the nurse at the fertility clinic and now the doctor wants to do a progesterone in oil injection to start my period. Ok, sounds fine. Then an hour later she calls back to tell me she is having a hard time finding the medication at a pharmacy that takes our insurance. She suggested calling my OB office to see if they have it and can do it for me. I called there and they have it but have to check with my doctor and someone will get back to me by Monday. Agghhhhh!!

If I didn't already spend money on the fertility meds, I would say I am ready to throw in the towel!!

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I was getting concerned that we hadn't heard anything from you and you were at 2 weeks today. You must be so very frustrated, Laurie. I don't know why this has to be so hard, but I'm hoping the result will be well worth the heartache. As always, please keep us posted, and I'll keep you in my prayers.

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Man Laurie.. that really SUCKS!!!! I'd be so incredibly frustrated too!!! Why does everything in the medical establishment take multiple calls, appointments, consultations.... :angry4:

Big hugs, friend... we're behind you 100%. :bighug:

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I'm sorry Laurie!!!!!! I hope AF comes!!

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Good jeeze...I'm sorry Laurie! That really just sucks. Hoping things "kick" in soon.

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Did you hear from your OB's office about the injection, Laurie?

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Any news Laurie? Thinking of you!