Kids running around w/o clothes

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Kids running around w/o clothes

From what I understand, some kids just like to be naked and will strip down once they step foot in the door of their house. Isn't it just a phase some kids go through? Both my kids like to run around pantless or clothes-less and my husband HATES this. He thinks it's sooo perverted and yells at them, berates them, etc. I keep telling him and telling him that this is normal and nothing to be grossed out or concerned about, but he's not buying it. He's very prudish about things like this and is paranoid someone might come to the door and see our kids naked and think we're white trash or something. *sigh* :banghead:

Do any of your little ones run around naked? This is normal, right?!

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I guess I'm perverted too in that case. Our shower is downstairs and our clothes upstairs and there's always something we forget! So there's a dash to get dressed...or answer the phone, or whatever. Gee, kids are just fine naked, especially on their own property or at a friend's pool. Teaching them that it's OK is a good thing IMHO. To teach them to have hangups about their bodies is a cruel life long thing.

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Kaylin runs around naked most of the time! I don't blame kids for wanting out of clothes, sometimes they are uncomfortable...if I could get away with it, I would Wink (kidding!). Really though, they're kids! There is nothing perverted about that.

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Cooper goes around at least pantless a lot of time when we're at home. Makes potty training a little easier lol!

Sierra is at the age where she is getting embarrassed by Cooper's nakedness, and she is shy about her body as well. She's starting to get boobs! :eek:

It doesn't bother me, especially not Colin, because a lot of times (as long as Sierra isn't here or is in bed of course!) he walks around naked too.

It kind of bugs my sister when she comes over with her daughter, I don't know if she thinks Paige is going to start playing with Cooper's junk or what, but I try and get something on him when they come over.

Even if people come over, I just say excuse his nakedness, we're potty training. Everyone seems to get it. We don't get a lot of stranger visits lol!

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G keeps a dipe on but thats it...and once we potty train she will be without that until we are finished!

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"buildingthedream" wrote:

It kind of bugs my sister when she comes over with her daughter, I don't know if she thinks Paige is going to start playing with Cooper's junk or what, but I try and get something on him when they come over.

That was hilarious, Andrea... lol. JUNK! Lol

Grady is naked a lot of the time. Because he takes off his pants and diaper, or because he got something dirty and I threw it in the pile, and he took off running before I could get something new on him, or we're potty training etc. We really don't care.. we find it natural and cute. All 3 of ours like to run around in the buff, or just in undies, but when people come over we ensure our older two (8 and 6) are dressed. Grady, we don't really worry about. People often come to the door and find him nudie. He calls himself 'nudie cutie' when he's naked, and I couldn't agree more.

You should suggest to your dh maybe, that by him berating them and shouting at them for being naked, that he's actually reinforcing that behaviour. If he really wants to change it, he should ignore it for awhile so that it's boring for them.. between that and colder weather coming around, it might be all that's needed to solve the problem! Wink GL!

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Emily loves to be naked!! I can't keen clothes on her!! It usually just her during the day so I just let her be. When she goes outside I try to at least put panties and a shirt on. and shorts if I am lucky!! My boys loved to be naked also! Its just a phase! It will pass!!

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My kids love to be naked too or at least in their undies (ok boxers for Drew/diaper for Jake). It's so hot here that Drew has started stripping to his boxers when he gets home. That doesnt bother me and I don't blame him. Jake likes to be naked and sometimes I will let him air out, he get's really bad heat rash. I try to at least keep a diaper on him though so he doesn't shower my carpet! And Makayla, well I have to tell her "GO GET DRESSED", but she's 10 and starting to go through puberty, so I think it's appropiate for her to cover up. lol

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Yeah, I agree with all of you. I have no problems with it, but I suppose I just need to face the fact that DH is wired differently. I've told DH that he should just ignore it and perhaps the phase will pass quickly. We'll see..