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Are you in Ottawa now?
Are the kids happy about the changes?
How was your holiday?'Glad to see you back! I guess you have to UNpack all the stuff you were just packing a few weeks ago....
Soon it will be back to school for the kids. I wonder how their foreign experience will affect their school work here.

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Hi Marie!

We are back - thanks for thinking of us! Smile

Curacao and Aruba.... Wow. Incredible. The light coloured sand... the turquoise water... hot hot HOT every day. Curacao is kind of natural and low-key, not very built up yet (it was all of our favourite of the two islands). Aruba is like being in Miami.. the island is 1/4 the size, and really built up. Tons of high rise, how rise, medium rise hotels.. every kind of American fast food joint imaginable.. tons of boutiques and shopping. But still incredible. Friendly, safe, gorgeous beaches.. we loved it. We were about 10 days on Curacao, and 5 on Aruba. We would most definitely go back - for a family with small kids, it's really the best place for a beach vacation. No surf really to speak of, gently sloping bottom, crystal clear water with tropical fish and coral everywhere (especially Curacao - water was a little cloudier on Aruba due to more activity). Even Grady became an expert snorkeler with his goggles after a couple of days! Wink I'll get some pictures up in the next couple of weeks as I get more organized...

The move - So far so good! The kids are positive, happy to be reconnecting with family, meeting their new baby cousins, exploring our old neighbourhood and its parks/waterparks/pools etc. They're a little trepidacious as to what their new school will be like, but still relatively positive even about that. I'm very proud of how mature they both are! Smile Grady is still a little not 'himself'. I'm not sure if its just a case of the 'terrible 3's' (he never had terrible 2's..) or whether he's just not feeling settled yet - but his behaviour has really taken a turn for the worse in the past couple of months. Hitting, scratching, whining, shouting, general rabble-rousing.... sigh. He always says things like 'when we go back to our other home, can we....'. No matter how many times I tell him gently that we're not going back to that home, and this is our new home.. it's not sinking in. We've only been in our house for 8 days now, so I'm hoping he'll settle down over the next month. Our boxes won't arrive from Chile until the first week in September. I think that will help, when he gets his bed, toys, and all his other stuff... this might start to feel more like home.

Our house is in pretty good shape, considering it was rented out for 2 years. But the garden is another matter.. literally nothing was touched in 2 years. So I'm sure you'll appreciate gardenbug how much work I have ahead of me! Wink Thank goodness it's a small garden... but it'll still take me all the rest of the summer to get it in shape. Oh well, it'll keep me out of trouble! Wink

Anyhow, thanks again for asking about us - and I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else has been up to this summer! Smile

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Welcome home, Kirsten! Your vacation sounds fabulous! I've been worried about M's reaction for a future move across town so I can't imagine a BIG move like that. I hope Grady settles/adjusts soon. It must feel so good reconnecting with family!

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Welcome home!! I am SO jealous of your family vaca, it sounds amazing and I'm sure the kids loved it!!!! I can't wait to see the pics!

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Welcome home! Your vacation sounds BEAUTIFUL!!!! I bet it feels good to be home again. Have fun getting your garden back in shape.