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Legos (OT)

So.. I'm already thinking about Christmas! ROFL I know, I know.. what a doof! Hey, what can I's my favorite holiday, and I love researching and thinking about what we'll get the kids. I'm totally going to be one of *those* grandmas who spoils the grandbabies and I'm okay with that!! :pinkelephant:

I like toys that make the kids think, build, use their imaginations, etc. I love legos and would like to get them a set, but there are so many age ranges on the various sets, I'm wondering if you gals have any recommendations or experiences to share regarding the various legos. Should I just stick w/ duplos since they're 2 and 4? Ooo.. or what about lincoln logs (but can you make anything other than buildings with the logs)?

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I've never even heard of the lincoln logs, so I can't comment on those.

I'd probably suggest duplos, although if your older son has great manual dexterity and loves duplos already,maybe a starter lego set? Our older ds (now eight) has had legos for a long time, but really didn't get 'into' them until he was about 6. Before that he couldn't put together the intricate 'sets' they seem to come in nowadays, and found it frustrating. He loves them at this age - I'd say 7-8 is probably the peak, including with his friends.

We just got Grady a new set of duplo (zoo) last week. He LOVES it, and Mimi (6 1/2) loves playing with it too. The two of them sat and played together with the set yesterday for almost an hour!

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Kaylin has the duplo lego's and can build things pretty easily.

If you feel like a goof just thinking about Christmas...I am a total goof then, because I've already purchased gifts for all the kids in the family Smile We've decided to get Kaylin an easel that has a chalk, paint, and dry erase board.

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I'm *that* grandmother.... I try not to overdo it because I think toys are way overdone...but then I go buy things I think they'll love. :rolleyes: Books are usually a big part of my gift giving too.

As to lego, it can be a great toy, but you also have to think about small pieces that can be swallowed by younger family members. Another problem in my grandson's case is that he never liked lego because he has weak manual dexterity skills. (except for using a remote) In fact, he'd leave a playmate's home if the other kids played with lego!

My son adored extremely complex lego kits with batteries etc, but he was around 10 at that point.

As kids, DH & I both enjoyed lincoln logs and tinker toys.

Give some thought to learning to use REAL tools and stuff from around the house. Our kids enjoyed giant sized nuts & bolts, real hammers, and believe it or not, a glue gun. Look at super cool ideas from Teacher Tom here:

Another gift/activity for us was wooden train tracks. Each year new pieces were added: bridges, trees, whatever. Each Christmas we played with it and it was sometimes set up around our tree, other times allowed to spread out far and wide in our basement.

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Not crazy for thinking of Christmas already! I have a stash of gifts already in my closet for Christmas gifts! Much easier to spread out buying gifts over the months than cramming it all in Nov/Dec and spending all the money at once, and fighting all the crowds in a rush to get done!

I would stick with the duplo legos since you have a 2 year old. My nephew is going to be 4 in November and I think my sister is going to get my nephew the next step up for Christmas, but he is an only child, and his dad helps him with the legos. He is also pretty good at putting things together already.

But Mason still has a hard time getting the duplos together, and I wouldn't want to have to have different sets for each kid since Legos are so expensive and they tend to explode all over the house. Although check your clearance isles at Walmart because right now they are having lots of clearance and my mom got Mason a lego duplo set with 71 legos for like $10!

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Not crazy at all!! I have some Xmas gifts stashed away, and I have a 40% coupon for Michael's that I have been saving for a couple months now so I can buy some art supplies(like sketchbooks, canvases, etc.) for Sierra. It's good til the end of the month, so I guess I should get in there.

I only have a handful of Duplo, right now we just have a set of Mega Blocks lego that I got Cooper last Xmas. He will play with it occaisionally, but he's way more into Hot Wheels and Thomas trains. He will run them around the tracks constantly Smile

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I've also been Christmas shopping throughout the past month. Lol

M has legos and likes them so far. As he gets older we'll get some more for his age. I remember lincoln logs from when I was a child but have not gotten them for M yet. Might have to check them out...

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My FIL bought my kids some Lincoln Logs at a garage sale. Jackson and Cami both love them. Mainly, you build structures with them - houses or barns or stores or whatever. I'd say a good age range is 4 plus.

As to Legos, Jackson (my 8 y.o.) loves, loves, loves them. I'd say he started getting into the kits with the small pieces at like 6 or 7. So, I'd say buy your son some duplos. Cami, my 4 y.o., is starting to like them too! But, I don't know if she "gets" the kits.

I just started to think about Christmas. I want to buy Jackson a new I-pod and Cami wants an alarm clock for her bedroom.