Making the bed/crib

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Making the bed/crib

Do you ladies make your LOs bed/crib? Just recently the girls started sleeping with two blankets and the other day I "make" their cribs. DH laughed at me and thought I was being silly. I remembered reading somewhere that you sleep better when you get into a made bed. I know I do. That's not why I made them, it was because that is one of my pet peeves, unmade beds. Well, ever since then the girls so to bed SOOOOOOOOO much easier! I sing to Brooke and lay her down, sing to Addison, Addison gives Brooke kisses thru the slats of the crib, I lay Addison down cover them up and that is it!

Before this we were going thru a terrible spell of bed time being so hard. It's been a few weeks and it still works like a charm. The other day I tried putting them down for nap and their cribs weren't made, it was not pretty!

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We're slobs Biggrin

I make the beds on the weekends when I clean the house but throughout the week they are typically messy. I have been making them recently only b/c the house is on the market and in case someone stops in, I try to keep the house totally clean!

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I don't generally make them unless it's the weekend or we are having realitives in town. I just don't have time in the morning, I'm up and out with the kids in under an hour. Jake sleeps in the bottom bunk and I still have a railing up for him on the side, so it's a pain to really "make" his. I generally just straighten his sheet up. I DO love my bed made though. I'm very OCD about my covers and can't stand them messy. I'm constantly arguing with DH bc he could care less and always pulls them out from under the mattress!

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We;re with the slob crew! Smile

I generally make them on weekends and for company as well, the rest of the time I find other things more important. I do enjoy when my bed is made however, so I am more likely to make ours than the kids'. Wink All our kids love when their beds are freshly washed once a week and remade however... but with all those stuffed animals, pillows etc, it's not a quick job the rest of the time! Yup, I'm lazy.. Lol

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we are part of the slob group too!!

We barely ever make our beds unless company or we just washed the sheets! Emily doesn't really mess up her its not too bad. plus she has her blanket when she sleeps. Jacob will sleep on his made bed and use a blanket because he doesn't want to mess it Ethan could care less...he's got pillows everywhere, sheets on the floor, he is just a mess!lol

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Slobs here, too!

Lexi just has one blanket in her crib-- so not much to make, We make ours each night before we get into it.

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I am by no means a neat freak, but I make our bed and the girls' bed every morning. I can't stand to get into an unmade bed. It's just "my thing", I guess. Kaitlyn is in a toddler bed and she has a sheet and a Dora comforter on it. I make it as well as Cami's twin bed (top sheet and comforter). The only bed I do not make is Jackson's because he sleeps in a loft and it's too high for me to see. Jackson often asks me to straighten his blankets before he goes to sleep though.