Mason and Shay pics

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Mason and Shay pics

Mason has gone from wanting nothing to do with Shaylynn to being a proud big brother!

PS....aren't those the cutest little pants?!

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They are adorable, Kalee! Enjoy!

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Love your photos with their terrific colors...and those cuties!!!! Biggrin

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Awww, look how tiny she is! So cute. What a great smile Mason has Smile

And I love her pants- too adorable!

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So cute! She looks tiny!

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Isn't she just the tiniest little peanut? So incredibly cute, and I agree, those pants are adorable! Smile

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Beautiful, Kalee! They both look so happy!

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Love these pics! They are both so cute and doesn't it just melt your heart to see him interact with her?!!

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Very cute pics!!!! Love the outfits!!!

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Those are SO sweet! And I was thinking how cute those pants were before I read your comment! LOL

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Thanks everyone! I think those are the best smiling pictures I have gotten of Mason in a long time! He was very excited to be taking pictures with baby sissy.

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Ok, they are way too cute!! She is so little and I love her outfit!!! Someone check my temperature cuz that just gave me the fever!!!

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YAY Kalee! I love looking at your beautiful pictures of your beautiful kids. Thanks for posting them. Your kids are too cute for words. And, your pictures have beautiful color. I love their little t-shirts.

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So adorable!!!