Maui trip!

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Maui trip!

Well I just wrote a big long thread and it got deleted!! BOO!! Anyways, Hawaii was BEAUTIFUL!! We went snorkeling, on a submarine tour, went to a luau and had a 50 massage overlooking the ocean. I could barely walk when they were done! We did alot of shopping, tried some awesome authentic Hawaiian food.....and of course tried many beers and tropical drinks! We enjoyed our alone time, but we missed the kiddos. And honestly I was glad to be home so I didn't have to look at any more skinny b*tches on the beach! LOL But here's what you've been waiting for, the pics!!!

one of my fav drinks, it was bananas, rum and irish creme liquor Wink

Thanks for looking, sorry about not resizing Sad

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Awesome pics, Rachel! So happy to hear you guys had a well deserved great time on the trip! Totally hot mama, I am sure the "skinny b*tches" were a while lot jealous of you!!

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I agree... YOU were the hottie on the beach, sister! Smile

Great pics.. looks absolutely incredible there! The luau in the sunset on the beach... wow! So glad you had a great vacation.. now I can't wait for mine!! lol

PS You have a beautiful smile.... I think it every time I see your picture.

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Oh you two are too sweet! I was shocked at the amount of little girls I saw running around in string bikini's.....I don't mean teenagers, they looked to be around Makayla's age....10-11. It was beautiful though, seems like a dream that we were there. I'm so glad we got to go and experience it, it was completely different than when we went on our cruise. Wouldn't it be nice if we could take a May 2009 Mama trip somewhere??!!

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So beautiful!!! I haven't been to Hawaii in years and looking at your pictures makes me want to go back. I"m so glad your dh won that trip and was rewarded for all of his hard work. You BOTH deserved it after the year you've had!

You are so pretty! Welcome home!

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Love the pictures!! Glad you had a good time!! It was well deserved!!!!

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Oh I'm jealous!! How fun! Love the pics! You are skinny AND you have great boobs! Smile

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"kjames106" wrote:

Oh I'm jealous!! How fun! Love the pics! You are skinny AND you have great boobs! Smile

You just made me LOL......the girls didn't always look that good Wink hehe

Thank you all for your wonderful compliments Smile

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Great pictures! I'm sure it was an awesome trip. DH and I have only had one weekend away since Sam was born. We're due for a trip, but I don't think Hawaii is in the cards in the near future. It looks amazing, though, and so do you, by the way!

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Beautiful!!! Both Maui and you! I so want to go back to Hawaii now. Heck, I would just take a day alone anywhere! Glad you had a great time.

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You are too funny, Rachel! You look great! Love the submarine shot. Looks like a beautiful trip and if it wasn't 7am I'd like to try one of those drinks! Glad you had some time away to unwind!