Michael's past two days (XP) (added pic to thread)

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Michael's past two days (XP) (added pic to thread)

Let me start by saying that M’s weekend was normal – he was eating and drinking normal for him.

Yesterday morning he was sleeping in a bit late (which sometimes happens when he doesn’t nap the day before and Sunday he just napped for half an hour in the car which can be normal for a Sunday) so I thought he was just tired. I let him sleep an hour late and then went in his room. He didn’t wake, was out like a light, rubbed his hair and he opened his eyes. I asked him if he was ready to get up and he nodded his head yes. I left the room to go into my room and nurse Matthew and figured he’d just come out (he is in a twin bed and usually just gets out when he wakes in the morning and knocks on the door if I don’t beat him to it, which I normally do because he starts talking first). After I nursed, I went back in and he was in the same position in bed. I picked him up and brought him into my room where Matthew was. Took off his pj’s and changed his diaper. Full of pee. Norm. Full, full, full. Tried to give him breakfast and something to drink. Didn’t want a thing – not norm. Thought he was just tired and was still waking up. Did some things with Matthew and tried to get Michael to eat again. Not happening. Went into his room to open his blinds and get something I thought he’d like to read and noticed a yellow dried pile on his sheet. There was nothing on his pj’s or diaper so I knew that whatever it was it came out of his mouth or nose. No substance to it. It looked like a big spot of what dried blood would look like but it was yellow. Came out of his room and went to him he had not moved from the spot he was in. Very unusual. Is normally running around. Felt him, he felt warm. Took his temp 96. Called the pediatrician and said he wouldn’t eat/drink, felt warm and temp was 96, found this dried yellow spot and he wasn’t moving around or responding to anything I said or asked. (he was breathing and looking at me but not answering me or smiling or moving without me physically picking him up) I really at first just thought he was real tired. I thought the pediatrician was going to say come in now and I’ll squeeze him in but I could hear the nurse talking to him and he said call 911.

Called 911. They came took his vitals, things were okay, a little off but not alarming. Then they took his sugar *red flag* they said it should’ve been between 60-100 and it was 27. Yup. 27. Grabbed his car seat (I had already grabbed both M’s diaper bags and put extra things in them and in my purse) and they strapped his car seat to the stretcher. While I was on the house phone with pediatrician and then with 911, I was texting dh that he had to come home now. He pulled in right behind the ambulance. DH took Matthew in the car seat in his vehicle and drove and I rode with M in the ambulance.

In the ambulance the EMT’s wanted to get an IV line into M to give him fluids/sugar. They made 3 attempts and weren’t successful so they gave up and gave him a shot in a muscle in his thigh for sugar. (after the 2nd failed attempt I said "can we just get him to the hospital then?" I was so scared seeing him and knowing how low it was and how dangerous they said that was) We got to the ER and it took a while for them to get a line into him. Ended up having it in his foot. They needed to get blood from him but he was so dehydrated and sugar was so low that not much blood was coming so they let it drip out and pumped/squeezed the blood out of his arm with their hands. Finally they had enough to run the necessary tests. Also did a chest x-ray.

Said he needed to be admitted. Got into a room around 2pm maybe. So far blood work/urine samples were coming back within normal range for everything except sugar and showed dehydration. They were testing M’s sugar every 2 hours throughout our stay. Late in the afternoon they allowed him to start food/drinks. Already saw him perk up a bit from the sugar IV. He ate well and drank 3 cups of juice immediately. Again perked up more. His color got better and he started to talk and smile but never sat up. Until this morning the entire time he was hooked up to IV and then monitors for heart, bp and pulse. He never once yesterday tried to touch the wires he was just laying there. This morning he was feeling better and began to complain about everything attached to him. At 7:30 I asked to take a little break from the heart monitor since that had consistently been good.

We have a follow up appt with M’s pediatrician on Friday. When it came down to it they basically said that they don’t know why this happened. They told me that if it happened again to call 911 again and get him back. And that if it happened again they’d be exploring his sugar (diabetes possible) and his liver. (liver came back within normal range via blood but one of the doctors felt that his liver seemed awfully big) So this Friday he’ll be checked by his pediatrician, bloodwork will be done and we’ll see if something comes back as a red flag for diabetes or otherwise. The hospital pediatrician felt that after a couple days of him being off IV’s and in his normal routine we’d see how that blood looked.

I know this is garbled, long (too long I know) and some of it probably doesn’t make much sense (also I might be leaving something important out) but I’m exhausted so I’m not going to edit or read this over right now. I was lucky that they let M2 stay since I was nursing but I really just got a little less than 2hrs sleep. M slept from midnight -4 and when they came in at 4 to do his vitals he never fell back to sleep. I laid down at 12:30 in the room and M2 was ready to nurse at 2:20.

So basically I don’t know yet if this was just a fluke incident or if he’ll have something with sugar or liver. Time will tell. The one doc said dehydration does definitely cause low sugar but he wouldn’t expect it to be that low. They also told me it was good I called 911 when I did because as the level gets lower it could’ve been even worse. They said below 15 could’ve been life threatening.

We got home this afternoon. So now he has been without IV for about 8.5hrs. He ate a good dinner. Hopefully he sleeps well and tomorrow is more of a normal day. If he throws up, has an abnormal bm, is really fussy, fever, won’t drink or eat before his appt Friday they want him back in. Fingers crossed that won’t be necessary.

Thanks for all the hugs and support. You guys are the best. I'll be back online tomorrow to catch up on everyone else.

And, Ashley, thank you. :bighug:

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WOW Julie. What a scary scary day you all had. I have been thinking of you all day and praying for Michael. I hope that this was a fluke thing and that he has a nice night and a great day tomorrow. Please give him hugs for me! And for you too! Like I told you earlier, if there is ANYTHING I can do, I'm only an hour away!

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Julie that is so scary. I'm glad he is home now and seems to be doing better. I can't imagine how scared you were. I'm praying it's nothing hun, please keep us posted on what the doctors find out. Poor little M Sad

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I am so sorry you and M had to go through all that! I pray that he doesn't have any more troubles and everything comes back normal on Friday! So glad he is home and I hope you all get some rest!

I am very scared of Mason having diabetes because DH's dad was a diabetic and my aunt is also a diabetic so it runs on both sides of our family.

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So, so SO frightening! Good for you mama for being so quick to notice, call in, then call 911 to get him some help! (I'm always a bit of a 'wait and see' type, but obviously in this type of situation, that would be absolutely the wrong thing to do!)

Keeping the t&p's coming your way, that Michael is just fine and was just dehydrated for some reason (was it especially hot there on the weekend? Do you remember him drinking normally??). Get some sleep mama.... big ((hugs)).

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Big hugs, Julie! I am thinking about you guys!

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"fudd8963" wrote:

, if there is ANYTHING I can do, I'm only an hour away!

Awh! Thank you!

"zoe08" wrote:

I am very scared of Mason having diabetes because DH's dad was a diabetic and my aunt is also a diabetic so it runs on both sides of our family.

Hopefully Mason never has it. Does dh have any signs of it?

"kirsteng" wrote:

Keeping the t&p's coming your way, that Michael is just fine and was just dehydrated for some reason (was it especially hot there on the weekend? Do you remember him drinking normally??).

That was the thing. He did drink normally. At least if he had half a day or something where he didn't really drink I could maybe contribute that to it but he drank normal and ate normal. I think Sunday was 83ish. Hot and sunny. But he didn't play outside very long. Maybe half an hour in the morning. Where we are the humidity is the bigger issue. Just makes it that much hotter. I mind the heat and M does too but he really wasn't out much in it Sunday.


Thank you everyone for all the t&p's :bighug:

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Here is M on Monday (cell phone pic so I know it's not the best) I think I took this early in the afternoon before he could eat or drink:

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Oh that pic just breaks my heart Sad How is he doing today Julie?

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This makes me get all teary eyed. He's just too precious. How is he feeling today?

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Poor sweet boy. Hopefully he gets back to normal soon and no more of these episodes!

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** lurker ** glad to hear he's doing better now. What a scary experience. I hope he continues to improve.

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Hope he feels better soon and they figure this out!! No baby should be in pain!!!

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That is so scary Julie! I'm glad that you guys are home now, and I hope that this was a one time thing. At least if it does happen again you will know what to do right away.


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Thanks everyone.

"rachelperry1983" wrote:

How is he doing today Julie?

"fudd8963" wrote:

How is he feeling today?

He is not 100% by any means but definitely better. Just put him down for a nap. He hasn't wanted to do a thing on his own today and has been a bit cranky. Often times he'll play with his trains or cars or puzzles while I nurse or am making food or something but today he just cried or whined anytime I've had to do anything. Usually gobbles his food right up but both breakfast and lunch he has had about half of everything. He ate his morning snack. Just had two drinks so far today and it wasn't easy getting that to happen. Hopefully he falls asleep (usually when I put him down he flips through a few books for a bit before he falls asleep) soon and rests well.

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> and more > for Michael. That picture you posted of him is just heart wrenching. I hate to see any child laying in a hospital bed with tubes. God Bless his little heart. I am glad to hear that he is going a little bit better and I hope he keeps improving. I'm so sorry Julie. I'm sure it is taking its toll on you. I will continue to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

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Oh Julie, I can't imagine. I'm so sorry you all are going through this. I hope he starts rebounding a little faster in the next day or two. I really hope it was a fluke and he's on his way to his normal little self. If not, hopefully they can get him diagnosed and on the right track quickly. Get some rest if you can. Hugs!!!

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Oh sweet baby boy. Im so glad your home and hes doing better... Sending big hugs you alls ways..

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Oh wow, I'm so very sorry to hear about all this! You must have been so scared. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers, I hope it never happens again.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. I cannot fathom how scary that must have been. Poor M and poor you!

KUP-- I sure hope all turns out to be okay. I would be nervous from here on out for sure.....

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How did you make out yesterday? I have been thinking of you. I was at my parent's yesterday so I didn't get a chance to check here, but when we drove thru your area, I thought of you. HUGS

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Wow!! Big hugs. I would have been so scared. Keep us updated. Praying for your family!