Mirena? (XP)

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Mirena? (XP)

Does anyone on here have or have any of you had the Mirena? What was your experience?

I am contemplating what to do for BC and DH really doesn't want me to go back on the pills, at least for a while to see how I am without being on them, since I have either been pregnant or on BC for most of the last 7 years. And I feel bad a lot and he thinks that the pills may have something to do with it. But I am terrified of being off of them because they dramatically reduce my cramps and make it so I know exactly when to expect AF.

I have a friend who says she hasn't had a period since she got the Mirena 3 years ago. I don't know if this is common or not. I am terrified in general of IUDs because I have heard too many horror stories, and terrified of what would happen if it didn't work and I got pregnant with an IUD. But I am trying to research all my options. With as difficult as this pregnancy was, I really want to wait probably around 3 years before having another one.

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I have two friends that had/have the mirena - one good/one bad. The good one, has had the mirena for a couple years with NO period and no side effects, she loves it. The other friend, it got lodged in her uterus and she had to have surgery to remove it.

I've only ever been on BC pills; the best one that gave me the lowest amount of side effects was the Ortho-Lo pills. Period was always on time, short and minimal cramping. I would not recommend Lo-Estrin FE (sp?)...for the past year, I have multiple periods a month for 6+ days at a time. And they hurt!! And I kept gaining weight even though I was eating SO healthy and working out.

Best of luck in your decision. Even though I've heard horror stories with the mirena and my friend had a bad experience, I am going to check it out after this next kiddo.