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Monitors (XP)

For those with older LO's: At what age did you use a monitor until?

For others: How long do you anticipate using the monitor?

We have the Angelcare Deluxe Movement and Sound monitor. The movement sensor won't work under a twin mattress I believe (but I'll still be able to use just the sound portion of the monitor) I'm going to miss the movement sensor portion of the monitor!

Just thought I'd see what others have done/plan to do! Blum 3

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Hard to believe, but this was our 3rd child, but first with a monitor! We had a condo with baby #1, so no missing the wakeups there... and with our second, we'd bought our first house 2 months before she was born, so couldn't afford it! Wink IT was a small house though, and her room was right beside ours, so no problems at all.

With Grady we're still using it, although it's keeping us up many nights. I just have to learn to shut it off at bedtime, for crying out loud! Because the majority of wakeups, we don't pick him up anyway. I like it for naps though, becuase the walls are really thick concrete here, so we'd never hear him unless he was really crying. So we'll probably continue until he's in a bed and can get out himself (2 1/2 or so?).

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We used it until she could scream for us!haha So maybe about a year or so is when she started saying maaaaaaamaaaaaaaa...

She won't get out of her big girl bed either..she will scream until I come open the door and get

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We never really used one. Our house isn't that big and all one level, and his room is right across the hall from ours. He slept in our room until he was nearly 8 months old and then we didn't need the monitor to hear him at all.

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I can't remember how long I used it for Sierra. Probably about 6 mos. or so, she was STTN at 8 weeks, and we lived in a condo so we weren't very far away from her.

This time we didn't even bother. I could hear him just fine LOL. His room is right next to ours anyways.

I was given a secondhand one when he was born, and did plug it in once when he was like a week old and we went outside, but that was it. Never used it again, and sold it long ago.

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We still use one with Kaylin, but only when she's in her bedroom with the door closed. Before we go to bed, we open her door...and since she is right beside us, we hear her loud and clear if she wants up. I'll still use it for ahwhile longer, it makes me uncomfortable for her to be in a bedroom with the door closed and me in another room.

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We used the angel care monitor until she was a year old, but haven't used a monitor since. She sleeps right across the hall, so it's not difficult for us to hear her.

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We still use ours. But only when they are in bed upstairs and we are downstairs. Once we go to bed, our room is across from theirs, so we have both doors open and we can hear them. The monitor is SO sensitive that it kept me up ALL the time every time they rolled over. We do use it during the night in the summer if we have the AC in there room on. I don't know when we will stop using it. Probably not any time soon, as I want to keep them in cribs for as long as possible and keep them contained in one room during naps! LOL!

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We still have a monitor in Miles' room and in Lexi's room--but we only use them for naps. Trey usually runs during naptime so he takes it with him on the treadmill.

I use them when I'm with the other kids outside or across the street at the park while Miles and Lexi are sleeping.....the park is literally steps away, so I'll leave them sleeping while playing with Taya & Callie.....

We don't need them at night bc they are all on the same floor w us and I wake easily anyways......