Mountain trip & random

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Mountain trip & random

I took the kids up to the mountains last weekend. The whole point of the trip was to give Trey time to work on getting our camper campable (we bought a 1969 Airstream last summer-- and it is gutted!) Luckily Trey got everything ripped out and a new floor put in while we were gone.

Here are some pics:

It snowed about 8 inches while we were there. But snow doesn't seem so terrible when you are in a hot tub Wink

Rotten kid!

Lexi eating a snowball (this is my mom, my dad in the background...)

Taya is looking much more 8 than 7 these days. *sigh*

While there we celebrated Miles' 4th birthday (it was actually yesterday) Spoiled kid got his own DSiXL. Yeesh. Makes the Nerf gun we got him seem kind of lame....

Oh and here is what life at our house is like on other days....

Lexi and Miles building after nap. I have no idea why Lexi is naked and wearing a sun hat

Storytime around the iPad. This was "There's a Monster at the End of this Book"

Forts in the basement

Trey hung monkey rings in our basement when we had some really cold days back in January. This is what happens when daddy is the SAHP.

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Oh Audra! What great pictures! You guys always have so much fun! LOL! I love to see the things that DH does when he's alone with the girls for just a few hours, I can only imagine what he would do if he was with them all day!

It's only a profile pic, but WOW you look like your mother!

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Always enjoy your photos! Fun Fun Fun!

The basement scenes remind me a bit of ours when my son designed play time for Sarahsunshine...except the hockey nets and pulleys are missing. The beams groaned.

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Those are wonderful pictures, Audra. I think it would be so much fun to be a kid in your family. Thanks for sharing!

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Ohhh, now I want a basement with monkey rings in it! Lol Smile That looks like so much fun. We only have a crawlspace, so not quite enough room for that. Next house, for sure haha.

Hot tub in the snow looks just perfect!

Maybe Lexi is ready for the beach in that nakey pic? Lol.

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Great, great pictures! Your children are just beautiful!

Happy Belated Birthday to Miles!

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Oh I love all the pics! The kids looked like they had so much fun in the hot tub.....and Lexi is cracking me up naked in a sun hat!! lol

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TFS the pics Audra! I can see that you and your beautiful family are having fun as always. I can't let my kids look at these pics. They'll want to dessert me and join your family. LOL!

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Love the pics!!! THey look like they are having sooo much fun!!!!!

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Aww, I love seeing pics of that orange-haired bunch!!! Super cute! I love Lexi's face as she's watching the IPad... and Callie's missing tooth. Smile Mimi has both her front teeth missing at the moment too, so sweet.

I LOVE hot tubbing in the snow.. a few years back DH and I rented a cabin in the mountains that had a hot tub. We'd sit out at night, with snow falling, way below zero.. and when we got good and hot we'd go roll in the snow. Talk about INVIGORATING! Wink

TFS your beautiful brood!

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I’m jealous of your basement…

I’ve wanted to build a playground in the basement for a while – but it’s finished so DH thinks it should be used that way. I finally convinced him that we could have a swing down there and the kids LOVE it. Now I want to take down the ceiling tiles and put up rope ladders and rings… But who takes DOWN a finished ceiling? I would.

The success of the swing might allow for some other experiments…

And yes, Audra, I always love your photos!

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I love your pics girlie.. Looks like so much fun! And how awesome is your DH!! I want a basement like yours Smile

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I showed these pics to DH last night. Part of our basement is finished, and part is not. He now wants to clean out the unfinished part and put rings up! Luckily we have time since I don't really think they could use them right now. What a great idea!

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Oh wow Audra, you guys always look like you are having so much fun!

I can't believe how grown up Taya looks!