My afternoon in the ER

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My afternoon in the ER

Sad First, everything is okay. Baby is fine, and I'm okay, too.

Apparently, my gall bladder is giving me trouble. On Monday, I was fine. I ate a big salad and some veggie soup for lunch. That afternoon, I ate a bag of cheese popcorn (I thought it was a better choice than chips.....wrong!) Oy!

Within an hour's time, I had pain up under my ribcage and felt like there was a ball in my gut. Not good. I went home, had a small dinner, and went to bed early bc I was so uncomfy. I woke up about 3a and that is when the puking began. I pretty much puked hourly until 3p, when Trey took me to the ER to get some fluids and some relief (at the direction of my mom, a nurse, and my primary care physician.)

They gave me fluids and nausea meds-- and tried to hydrate me (I still didn't pee the entire time I was there....) And took blood to check enzyme levels. I also had an u/s of my liver, gall bladder, kidneys, spleen, and a quick peek at the baby (doing just fine!) Gah.

In the end they said, it *might* be your gall bladder. It sounds like a gall bladder problem, but they are hard to diagnose. Gave me some Zofran and sent me on my way....

Anyone have experience with gall bladders? I've since learned that none of my female relatives have theirs anymore (my mom is one of 4 sisters and they all had theirs did my maternal grandmother and great grandmother.....) And apparently they crap out around age 35 (I'm 34....) And looking back, it seems that some of the "symptoms" I've attributed to this pregnancy, might actually be my GB. This go around I've been waking at night and puking, and get sick in the evenings.....and have been burping a lot....gross.

So for now, I'm okay. I was scared to eat yesterday, and just had a bowl of cereal I'm weak, but back at work. I was really worthless for two days. Thing is, I did this about 4 weeks ago and just assumed it was the pregnancy, now I'm not so sure...

I have to follow-up with my primary care and figure out what the next step is. For now, I'm avoiding fatty stuff, whole grains, leafy greens.....things that are hard to digest. I just don't want to go through the relentless puking again-- that sucked!

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DH had a severe problem years ago. Hot Indian food started one horrendous episode. He researched it once he was better and decided NOT to have the surgery. Seems almost everyone has gall bladder problems at some point and they go away ...or don't if you are unlucky. DH's agony went away.

When DH was in grad school he had his appendix out. The lady in the room next door was waving to her kids outside the window...and then died! It was horrendous, and did not make DH want to have the surgery...ever.

My advice - research carefully!

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Oh hun, I'm so sorry you are in such bad pain Sad I'm glad everything is okay with baby!! My mom had severe gallbladder attacks when I was in hs. Took her about 4 trips to the ER for them to figure out what was going on. Turns out she had a gallstone in her common bile duct and they had to remove the gallbladder. It was so bad she couldn't take a bite of a muffin without it causing horrible pain. I hope your PCP is able to get you some answers soon!!

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So glad you and baby are ok!

I had gallbladder issues when I was pregnant with Kaylin, it was enlarged and they thought I had stones. I had horrible pains under my rib cage that radiated into my back, it was terrible but didn't start until later in the pregnancy. I was told no fatty foods, or high sugar type things.

Hope you feel better soon, friend!

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That sounds so awful, I'm so sorry! So glad that everything is ok with the baby.

My Nanny has had many "attacks" that were contributed to her gall bladder, about every few months she would get really sick, vomiting all night and bad pain. Well first they drained the area around her gall bladder or something, then she had more attacks, so then they removed it, and since it was removed a couple years ago she has still had some attacks, and she had gone a while without but they seem to be getting closer together again. And no one can tell her what is causing them or why. I really hope this was a one time thing for you and that it doesn't happen again!

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:bighug: my friend. That sounds absolutely awful and scary. I have no experience whatsoever with gallbladders - I always thought they were one of those 'obsolete' items in our bodies, like the appendix or our vestigial nictitating membrane. Wink Maybe need to brush up on my anatomy a little!

I hope that you get the problem solved quickly, and that it's more a case of pregnancy hormones causing it to flare up, rather than an ongoing problem. Keep us posted, and I'm so happy that the tiny one was peeked at and was thriving in there...


I guess this would really be an awkward time to ask for a belly pic??!!! Wink

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Oh my god, how scary and miserable!! I hope your doc is able to figure out whether these episodes are related to your gall bladder, and if so, what steps you can take to avoid them, e.g. avoiding certain foods like you're doing now. So glad all is well w/ your LO too!

Hope you're recovering your strength and can avoid any more episodes with the dietary changes!!

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Glad everything is ok!!! I had my gallbladder out in 2007 I believe. Mine started when I was pregnant with DS2(looking back now thats what the pain was) but at the time I didn't know it was related to my gallbladder. Had DS2 and for about 4 months I kept having the pain going into the doctor and having them send me on my way. Finally, got the ultrasound and was getting my gallbladder out!! The surgery went well. they did it laprascopic so I went home the same day and within a few days I was back to normal!

Now the only bad thing and something your body has to get used to is going #2. (I know TMI!) But there were times I would eat something and would have to right away.(bad for me because I can't go in a public bathroom) It still happens once in a while now but its pretty much non-exsistant.

Hope it goes away for the rest of the pregnancy!!

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Wow, I'm so sorry!!!!! Hope they figure out what it is and that NEVER happens again!!

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Hope you feel better Sad That sounds horrible. My sister just recently had her gallbladder removed. She had an attack and they had to take it quick. Her recovery stunk, but it was only about 48 hours of pain. Yours does sound just like what she had, the same symptoms. I think her gallbladder was responsible for a lot of her pain throughout her college years.

Weird thing, two of my friends had to have there gallbladders removed after there 2nd child and both of the doctors related it back to the progesterone (prometrium) supplements they had to take. Both docs said it was very common to have your gallbladder go out after progesterone. I have taken prometruim at total of 33 weeks throughout my 3 pregnancies (one m/c)! Scary thought! Both of my friends were like "BE CAREFUL!!" I just wonder if the progesterone production in your body could be causing some sort of trigger in your gb? Who knows, but I hope you feel better friend!

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I'm so glad you and baby are both okay. How awful. I can't imagine. When is your follow up appt? :bighug:

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My gall bladder went kaput during my pregnancy with Kaitlyn. It was exactly as you described - horrible pains in my upper abdomen, vomitting,and an inability to eat anything. During my 3rd trimester, I had trouble eating anything but watermelon. (I was also very gassy). I don't know if you remember any of this, but since this went undiagnosed for so long it developed into a pancreatitis WHICH IS VERY DANGEROUS! I was in the hospital for a week being treated for pancreatitis and having surgery. The surgeon severed a duct in the surgery and I was in the hospital for another week. The moral of this story is two-fold: 1) get this treated and 2) pick your surgeon carefully.
I am worried about you friend!

ps Sorry I haven't been around. I've had some personal stuff.

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I almost had mine out when I was 22. It took them a while to figure out what the pain was, but now as long as I watch what I eat I am ok for the most part. They thought for sure with it already being a problem that I would have to have it out after I had kids, but knock on wood it's ok so far. My pain ran all the way up my shoulder and into my chest. It's aweful.

I'm so glad that you and baby are doing ok. Take it easy and watch what you eat, and hopefully it will get better.

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Thanks, friends. I'm feeling 1000% better now.

I haven't puked in 4 days-- and I haven't taken Zofran since Friday morning-- which means I may officially be done with the m/s. Woot!

I've been watching what I eat-- it seems that popcorn is a definite no go for me! It seems the only way to really "diagnose" that it is my GB is to have a HIDA scan-- which involves injecting radioactive material into my body. Yikes. I think I'll hold off on that until babe is out.....

I've gotten good info from friends and MW's and I'm going to start taking some digestives to aid in breaking things down-- hopefully that will keep things at bay until July. Seems that GB's crap out in my family around 35-- so I should have a few more months--lol.

I appreciate all of the hugs and love. I can feel it! And I'm feeling so much better now......xoxo

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So glad to hear you are feeling better, Audra. :bighug: