My daughter is schizophrenic!!

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My daughter is schizophrenic!!

She's super sweet one minute- holding my face in her hands, giving me kisses, laying her head on my shoulder, smiling at her father and I, and the next minute- OH. MY. GOD! She is HORRID and MISERABLE!!! She kicks, twists, and screams about having her pull up changed, refuses to get dressed/undressed, shrieks at the top of her lungs, screams "NO!!!", tries to slap and hit, throws herself to the ground, etc. It's like she's possessed by the devil!

My son never acted like that at this age!! I am at wits end w/ these tantrums!! They're completely embarrasing and grating. I've become one of *those* mothers whenever we're in public. You know, the ones that everyone else stares at, silently accuses, and hates...


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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:bighug: No suggestions, not btdt not. M has his moments for sure but never been like that. Going to watch this thread to see what others say. He could start anytime and I'd love to have ideas ready! I hope it gets better SOON for you, Kirsten!

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Is it a girl thing, maybe? I swear Kaylin acts like this at times too. Like today while at WMT, I always give her a chance to walk beside the cart but today she wanted to knock everything off the shelves. So I put her in the cart and she screamed at the top of her lungs throughout the entire store, people were starring at the both of us. I wanted to hide behind the milk!

Hopefully others have some great advice, I am so new to this stuff!

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I have no advice. The girls are usually pretty good, especially in public (I just jinxed myself). They do have there moments where they will just FLIP out, but it's usually because they are tired or sick or some other reason. However, Brooke will hug you and kiss you and hold your face all nice and sweet, then litterly pinch your cheeks, hit you and just scream. I have NO idea. And she will laugh at it too. So any advice would be helpful!

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My advice is always to have an exit strategy at this age! Smile

Grady is not much of a screamer yet.. he's a whiner. But I'd say a bit YET again.. I remember with DS1, who turned out to be a super-challenging kid through age 7, that at age 2 we thought we'd skipped the terrible 2's with him. But at 2 and 3 months, it began in earnest.. so I don't at all think I'm out of the woods with Grady either.

But the exit strategy.. i always try to be really quick and mobile at this age. In other words, when in most stores, I always try to go in with a stroller and keep my purchases under the basket or on top of the stroller. Then in the event of a tantrum, you can dump your things and just go. Or scream through the 10-or-less checkout and get outa Dodge. It's much worse when you're stuck with a store cart and a screamer. Wink

Obviously that's harder in a grocery store... in that case, have lots of distractions and snacks, and always try to involve them in the process. Like 'can you help me find the xxx??" (and have it be something obvious nearby so they can be successful). Or 'could you help me put 6 apples in a bag?"

Sometimes though, in spite of the best laid plans, you just gotta split! Wink And there's no point in being mad, lecturing, or threatening.. it just doesn't work.. Distract and then just leave if it's not happening.

Oh, and expect it to happen for the next year or so, and if it doesn't, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Wink I find that if I expect the worst, I'm not shocked or surprised if something happens.. I'm better able to keep my zen.

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Hugs.. My second son has major mood swings.. Hes always been my emotional kiddo.. People tease me that its just the second child thing, but I think its because he is my emotional, yet strong willed child!! Just his personality!!