Naming this peanut :)

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Naming this peanut :)

So we decided on a name for the little one growing in my tummy Smile

We were trying to decide between:
Rylee Lynn
Caraline Elizabeth
Emily Christine

We asked G a few weeks back which one she wanted to name her little sister and she has consistently stuck with Emily....So Emily Christine it is!!

We got this book titled "im a big sister" from the motherhood store and everytime we read the book she points to each of the family members and says "dis mommy, dis daddy, dis 'Acie, dis baby Emowee" ITS SO FREAKING CUTE!!

Every baby in all our new baby books is 'baby Emowee" or "mommy's baby Emowee" Smile

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Love it!!!

Callie came up with Lexi's name-- so sweet.

You are getting so close. Are you so excited?

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So cute!!! Umm but would you like to get a beat down?? WHERE is our belly pic?!

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Love the name! And LOVE that G picked it out! That's so sweet. I second the beat down for no belly pic!

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We are getting VERY excited Audra...everywhere I look I see little girl siblings and I swear I tear up!

I posted a pic ladies, no beatings!!! HAHAHA

I'm also measuring 12 days ahead and baby girl is already over 3lbs so I'm hoping maybe I won't have to suffer much of August if she's ready earlier!!

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I loved all 3 of your name choices, but it's so darned cute that Gracie got to pick her sister's name! Love it! Smile

If my two had been allowed to name Grady, they would have called him:

Kieren's choice: Boo-boo (????)

Mimi's choice: Princess

I think miss Gracie has done a fabulous job!

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Sarah's brother chose her name. He had a classmate in pre-K he admired who was Sarah. I liked the girl a lot, so it was OK!

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I LOVE IT Smile Can't wait to see your little Em!!!

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Aw! Emily Christine is a beautiful name. And, I think Gracie and Emily sound perfect together. You are going to love being the mommy of two girls. I do tear up thinking about the relationship between my girls. The bonds of sisterhood are so sweet and special.

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I love Grace and Emily as sibling names! Her name is perfect! Gracie did a good job! Blum 3

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LOVE the name!! Goes perfectly with Grace, and so sweet that she was able to help choose it.