Need PT advice....yes more

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Need PT advice....yes more

Ok all you BTDT moms, here's my situation. Sorry if TMI, but I could really use some advice on what to do.
DD has clicked on pee in potty. She also understands when she has to poop. She can hold it and ask for a diaper.
So she went to the potty to poop, but is so used to standing while pooping in diapers she pooped on her stool rather than the potty.
How do you get them to poop while sitting? Or will it naturally arrive like potty training itself?
(She doesn't respond to treats for potty and WILL NOT allow anyone else in the room)

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Does she have a favorite doll or stuffed animal? Ivy enjoyed taking "Bunny" to the toilet. (She used an insert in the toilet for a while) Perhaps you could show her how to sit with her toy as a model and then she could imitate afterwards. Has she seen how you use the toilet?

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The girls had the same problem when they first started too. I had read that if you give them a stool to put there feet on it helps. This way they can put the pressure on their feet and push that way. It helped with the girls. Good luck! But it will eventually click.

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WTG Erin! Glad it clicked for her.

I always let my kids watch dh and me use the restroom--- and I think it helped them pick up on it. Also have her take a dolly potty or make sure she has a stool or small potty that is comfy for her to go on.

Hope it sorts itself out quickly!