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Are any of your little ones obsessed with anything yet? Mason is totally obsessed with How to Train your Dragon! I can't even turn on the TV to anything else or he starts saying "dragon, please." This has been for about the last 2 weeks, and yesterday he woke up from his nap and the first words out of his mouth were "dragon, dragon, dragon."

He gets so excited if he sees it on the tv or finds the DVD case.

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Kaylin will ONLY watch Mickey Mouse; she refuses any other cartoon or TV show. I've tried cartoon movies or other playful cartoons, nada. And babies, she LOVES baby dolls.

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Elmo and Dora...wonderful.

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The Wiggles!! BIG time!! First thing out of his mouth after naps, breakfast etc... all in the past 2 weeks. So strange for a kid who's never been interested in any tv at all, and straight into a full-on Wiggles Addiction! Wink

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Cats! Ev gets all giggly and smiley when we see one. He is constantly asking of there are any cats in the backyard. It is funny because DH and I are not cat lovers but they are Ev's favorite thing. We take him to petsmart to look at the cats all the time and we are thinking its only going to be a matter of time before they ask us when we are going to buy something!

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George (Curious), cars, trains, snacks (lol), hugs (so sweet!), books, books, books!

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Dora, Diego and Elmo.......and thats IT! In fact last night I told him we were going to have a Dora and Diego fiesta for his birthday and he looked right at me and said "Mama, Dora, Diego AND Elmo!" I'm in trouble now! lol

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Trucks and the movie CARS. He has 800 million trucks and he always is playing w/ them. He loves the movie CARS also, every time he sees his dvd player, he wants it on!! lol

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MICKEY MOUSE....it's getting to the point of rediculousness!

She will watch Chugginton in the morning from our bed bc Mickey isn't on yet and the DVR is in the family room lol

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Kaitlyn loves her stuffed doggy "Bow Wow" and her stuffed monkey "Eeee, Eeeee". While she insists on taking them everywhere we go, I always make her leave them in the car cuz I don't want to misplace them. She'll repeatedly scream "Bow Wow" or "Eeee Eeeee" throughout Krogers.

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Brooke is the color yellow, and Addison is coloring!