Our eventful day and some pictures.

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Our eventful day and some pictures.

So, I need to post this on pg.org bc I know you guys will completely understand what a horribly stressful and crazy day yesterday was.

So, I get to the docs office, Judd and I wait for an hour, then this stupid nurse practitioner comes in to 'pre-examine' Judd (they asked my consent and I should have said no), so she does that which was horrible of course, then the doc comes in, re-examines him, we talk about formula and the acid reflux (he's on nutramigen and prevacid and it is FINALLY helping a little--even though he DOES have colic). So then he sits down and says "Well there was one thing on his check up that is not normal, his posterior fontanel is not closed and it should be closed"..............long story short, he said that in babies, if it is not closed by 6 weeks (I read 8 weeks) that that is a sign of congenital hypothyroidism. If Judd had this, he would have tons of bloodwork and be on medication for the REST OF HIS LIFE. Of all the birth defects he could have, this one would actually be one of the easiest to treat. If caught early enough, they will grow into completely functioning adults. If not treated, he would probably not have an IQ above 70. SO my pedi orders bloodwork immediately and says he will call me FRIDAY. (SO, here we are w/ 3 shots AND getting a HUGE vial of blood taken--I think it was as stressful for Judd as the day he was born). Well, this morning while my mom was here helping my pedi called and his thyroid is PERFECT! We all sobbed like babies. I am so relieved that every time I think about it I tear up. I was trying to be strong for HIM, bc if I'm not strong, who will be? But I just kept thinking about him growing up and being in college and having to deal with this, its just something I was okay with, just of course didn't want him to have.

So, anyway, I am feeling like a new woman. Oh, and I went to statistics last night and it was like I was in a elementary math class! Its not just statistics, it's all math that elementary teachers need to know. I was feeling so stressed, having migraines everyday and now I just feel like this huge weight has been lifted. Sorry to blabber on and on, but it is a really great day. OH and it's not on fb yet bc my it's very early, but my sister is PREGNANT! She is 6 weeks today! Still very early, so we are not saying anything, but I'm so excited. My other sister, her twin, is trying also!! And, we got a free playground swing set for the boys from our neighbor, like a custom made huge massive awsome thing. PITA to get and put together, but Matt and Dad are getting it done.

Here are some of our pics from a month ago, I'll delete them later. Chunky man was 11 pounds 10 oz and 22.75 inches long. Thanks for listening!

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WOW, what a stressful appointment. I am SO glad that everything came back perfect. Will they check him again to make sure that it is closed up?

Those pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Dang sista - What a week!! Im so glad everything turned out perfect and congrats to your sis.. Big hugs momma!

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Such drama! Thank goodness your day ended up on a very positive note. I guess we should all keep this story in mind when our day begins on a sour note!

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Wow!! What a day!! I'm so so so glad Judd is a healthy boy!!!!

Great pictures. They are so cute!

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Wow! What a stressful day. I'm so glad that all is okay. I'd be a little annoyed with the doc for freaking me out like that-- sometimes they are so "worst case" scenario.....what a relief that Judd is just perfect and fine (btw my bff growing up had a little sister with no thyroid--she just had to take meds everyday but was otherwise fine....)

Judd (and you!) are beautiful. I love the family pics. Gorgeous!
Hang in there, mama. I hope things get easier from here on out.

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How stressful! And scary! I can't imagine. So glad all ended up okay. :bighug: Like Tara I wonder when they'll check again to see if he is closed?

Your pictures are all completely beautiful. What a beautiful family. Thanks so much for sharing. And congrats to your sister! Exciting!

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Glad everything turned out good!!!! Things are starting to look up!! YAY!

Love the pictures!! They are so cute!!!