Our holidays

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Our holidays

Hi, friends. I have been MIA.....the holidays were a bit of a blur, but I am now back to work after having the last nearly 2 weeks off (which was LOVELY!)

We had a great Christmas and New Year's. My brother came to stay with us from Nashville and my parents came down from the mountains for Christmas. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed having family around (we refuse to travel at Christmas....I insist that we wake up in OUR house on Christmas morning Smile ) The kids got an insane amount of gifts and I was pretty spoiled myself....yahoo!

Here's a pic of the kids doing yoga with my brother and mom the day before Christmas eve-- silly kids!

We then enjoyed a fairly quiet week at home (my parents went home and my brother went with them to their house....)

During that week we went to the zoo....since it has been really warm here. It was 60 degrees in Denver last week (and this week...) So it was great zoo weather.

Trey also took the kids to an indoor water park one day....but Lexi was puking that day, so I missed out (and didn't get any pictures Sad )

Once Lexi was better, we went up to the mountains to visit my parents for NYE. We don't usually go there this time of year bc of the roads, but it has been so warm that there is no snow (this is a serious bummers for all of the holiday skiers who like to go ski Vail and Copper and Breckenridge.....)

While up in the mountains, we went to outdoor hot springs. Essentially there is a giant pool of 102 water and another one of 104 degree water. So even though the outdoor temperature was about 30 degrees, we spent hours outside swimming in the warm water. So fun. The kids love it. The big girls had a blast jumping off the diving board, and Lexi is convinced that she can swim (insists on taking off her float and trying to swim....silly kid!) We all got a bit sunburned, but it was fun.

This is Miles with my dad at the pool

We just got home yesterday (and the kids were tuckered out!)

Even better than all of our fun time away was that Trey stayed home from our trip and shampooed the carpeting in our entire house, and took down all of Christmas (even the outside lights!) It was heavenly to come home to such a clean house.....

What did ya'll do over the holidays? I can't be the only one who was busy, right?

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It sounds lovely Audra!

Our Christmas was spent on a work/volunteer/family tour of Haiti. We visited the school where my son has been working and slept on site in a tent. We even had toilets and some electricity! It was fascinating and we got to work on teaching kids and their teachers and on building a tiny resource centre. We travelled to other parts of the gorgeous country and had dramatic experiences on the narrow mountain roads. I can't really explain it all, but it was a trip of a lifetime and returning, as is often the case, was the hardest part.

I posted a few entries on this site if you want to see. (I'll post more in time) http://buildingaschool.wordpress.com/

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Those pictures are great and it sounds like you had an awesome time off work!!!

We were busy as well, I had some time off work but with my Dad in town I didn't get much down time Sad Holiday's are always so hectic!

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Sounds like a fun and busy holiday season! We had a great time too, but didn't do ANY traveling!!!! And I LOVED IT!!! We made both sets of parent's come to us. We used the puppy as an excuse that it's so much work to travel with her. I did take the week between Christmas and New Years off and spent time with the girls. Lots of sledding, arts and crafts, reading books, reading books, oh and some more reading books! Those girls LOVE books!

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Wow! You guys had a great Christmas and New Years! Those hot springs sound just about amazing!!!!!!!!

We were so not busy. We stayed home and just did our thing. It was really relaxing.

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Sounds like a good two weeks, Audra. And kudos to dh for getting all of that done! The hot springs sound awesome and relaxing. You mentioned you were spoiled too. What did you get?