Pics from Drew's 6th bday!!

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Pics from Drew's 6th bday!!

Hey Ladies!! I thought I'd share a few pics from Drew's 6th bday party we had about 2 wks ago. He wanted a Dinosaur themed party, all the kids had a blast at the Dino Dig! Thanks for looking, I can't believe my little man is 6!!!!!!!!

The cake Mommy made him!

Blurry, but it was so funny how excited he was over money! lol

And one more of my little handsome Smile

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He is so cute!!!!!!!! I love the cake. How sweet of him liking the money!

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Mommy sure knows how to make birthday cookies and cakes! Drew looks so happy too!

At six you may see selfishness, the beginnings of independence, listening to reason sometimes, and wanting everything and not being able to make choices. BUT, they still usually still like to cuddle! Enjoy!

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Amazing cake - once again!

And he's 6 already! What happened?

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Wow Rachel... really... WOW!! That cake is really something else... I was staring at the (bamboo?) outside and wondering how in the heck I would approach that if I was tasked to make that cake.. and I couldn't even guess if it was animal vegetable or mineral... Lol

Looks like a fantastic party... and Drew's getting so big-boy looking now eh? Smile

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Aw thanks ladies for the compliments! The cake was actually super easy to decorate, Kirsten.....I cheated and the bamboo looking things are actually biscotti Wink hehe

I know 6yrs old!! He is the sweetest boy, he is contanstly telling me that I'm his wife, how much he loves me and boy does he love to cuddle!! I'm sure soaking up all while I can!!

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Happy Birthday to Drew!!!! Looks like a great party!

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Love the cake!!! He is getting so big!!!